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Certificate of Accomplishment in Program and Management Analysis

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Certificate of Accomplishment in Program and Management Analysis

The course of study for Graduate School USA’s Certificate of Accomplishment in Program and Management Analysis covers key concepts and skills required by the successful management/program analyst. Program courses are government-oriented, job-related, practical, and hands-on, taught by instructors with many years of high-level government experience.

This program provides a framework for the development of a full and well-rounded mastery of analytic skills for the management (or program) analyst, and completion demonstrates a personal commitment to self-improvement.

Prerequisite courses: Participants must have completed the two prerequisite courses listed below (or equivalent courses from another institution) before enrolling in the certificate program.
Required courses: The five required courses are presented below in a recommended sequence.
Elective courses: Participants must take a minimum of three elective courses.
Final course: Participants may take the last course in the program, Management Analysis: Advanced Applications, only when all prerequisites, and required and elective courses, are completed.

Participants must complete the program within three years.

You may apply for this program online. For more information about this or other certificates, please contact the certificate advisor at (202) 314-3314 or certificates@graduateschool.edu.

Special accommodations may be requested online by requesting ADA Accommodations. All requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the class start date to be fulfilled.

Prerequisites (2 Courses):

Course Title Course Code Credits
Introduction to Statistics STAT7100D 2.4 CEU
Management Analysis: Overview PGMT7000D 2.4 CEU

Requirements (complete 5 Courses):

Course Title Course Code Credits
Management Analysis: Designing and Conducting a Study PGMT8001D 2.4 CEU
Management Analysis: Data Gathering
Data Collection and Analysis
2.4 CEU
3.0 CEU
Cost-Benefit Analysis Workshop PGMT8100D 1.8 CEU
Project Management PGMT7005D 2.4 CEU
Management Analysis: Advanced Applications
(Capstone Course)
PGMT9000D 2.4 CEU

Elective Courses(complete 3 Courses):

Course Title Course Code Credits
Federal Budgeting for Non-Budgeting Personnel
Introduction to Federal Budgeting
1.8 CEU
24 CPE
Interpersonal Communications COMM7006D 1.2 CEU
Introduction to Program Evaluation
Management's Responsibility for Internal Controls (OMB Circular A-123)
3.0 CEU
16 CPE
Jump-Starting High Performing Teams: The Fundamentals TDEV7021D 1.2 CEU
Management Analysis: Planning PGMT7004D 2.4 CEU
Conducting Quality Analysis for Decision Support FINC9150D 24 CPE
Decision Support: Building New Analytical Skills FINC8120D 24 CPE