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Transition Management Program

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Transition Management Program

If there’s one constant in the world, it’s change. The organizations and the individuals that are successful in an atmosphere of uncertainty are the ones that take the necessary steps to ensure that they are prepared to effectively navigate in an environment where the issues and challenges are not always black or white.

Since 1921, Graduate School USA has been helping organizations change — in the right direction. Our new “Transition Management Program” is designed to help you plot a course that will ultimately lead to mission success, whether your organization is experiencing significant shifts in focus; you have employees who are new to the federal government or employees who are transitioning from one role to another.

Change Management Curriculum

Graduate School USA’s Change Management curriculum trains individuals and organizations to recognize and understand the new opportunities, greater innovation and ultimate success that can evolve from change. The curriculum includes the following courses:

Change Management: Preparing for an Unknown Future course starts April 13:

  • Instructs individuals how to adapt their current strengths and capabilities to effective change management procedures.

“Change Management for Leaders: Preparing for an Unknown Future” course starts April 14:

  • Prepares managers and supervisors to lead the charge in change management, while coaching and developing their staff through the progressive stages of change within their organization.

Get started today! The success of your organization will not happen by chance. It will only happen if you’re prepared for change. Let Graduate School USA teach you the strategies to manage those changes successfully.

Federal Financial Management Training In a Time of Change

Strong financial management competencies are critical in the current changing federal landscape. Graduate School USA’s Transition Management Program includes specific financial courses that train you to master the skills required to thrive in an atmosphere of change.

Courses include:
• Introduction to Financial Management FINC7000D
• Introduction to Federal Accounting ACCT7001D
• Introduction to Federal Budgeting BUDG7001D
• Budget Formulation BUDG7101D
• Budget Execution BUDG7100D
• Federal Budget Analysis Using Microsoft Excel BUDG8150D (New)
• Federal Appropriations Law FINC7100D
• Federal Appropriations Law Refresher and Update FINC8147D
• The Antideficiency Act FINC7207D (New)
• Managing Under Budgetary Constraints FINC8141D
• Decision Support: Building New Analytical Skills FINC8120D
• Planning, Budgeting and Performance Measurement BUDG8180D

Let Graduate School USA teach you the financial strategies that makes you an asset to your organization.