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The Center for Leadership and Management at Graduate School USA

Graduate School USA believes strongly in the power of leadership training to shape and direct change, both in organizations and in individual lives and careers. Through our Center for Leadership and Management (CLM), we offer courses and programs designed to strengthen both individual and organizational performance.

Focused on developing current and future federal executives, managers, and leaders, our integrated approach includes assessment, training, and career development. CLM provides courses and programs for individuals at all stages of their careers: our courses and programs emphasize core competencies and behaviors essential to quality leadership, including emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication skills, team building, problem solving, self-awareness, and collaboration.

The Center provides a variety of learning tools, competency-based courses, and long-term leadership development programs to cultivate individuals so they may successfully lead organizations in meeting mission-driven goals.

Our capabilities include:

  • Implementable strategies and approaches that benefit your organization
  • Diverse, blended, and interactive learning environments
  • Exceptional instructional quality
  • Customized training to fit organizational needs
  • Assessments, including our premier 360° Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI)
  • Training delivered at your location or ours

Since 1995, Center for Leadership and Management programs have earned high praise from individuals and organizations alike for their effectiveness in training leaders. CLM has helped more than 10,000 individuals develop business skills, leadership skills, and ethical standards to successfully drive change and lead people.

Courses and On-Site Training

In addition to its long-term leadership programs and seminars, the Center for Leadership and Management offers short-term open enrollment courses. These leadership and competency development courses are offered to individuals at our Washington, DC location, or at a location of your choosing for groups of 15 or more. On-site courses may be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and target audience.

Senior Leadership Seminars

The Center for Leadership and Management offers four senior leadership seminars designed to help you position yourself for selection into the Senior Executive Service (SES). Each seminar reflects different key components of OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). Participants join and collaborate with executives from across the federal sector in developing the competencies needed for success at the highest levels of public service.

Aspiring Leader Program (GS 4-6)

Curriculum Theme: Leadership Foundations
Audience: GS 4-6 or equivalent
Program Schedule: Two weeks (one week a month for two months)
Tuition: $2,175

The Aspiring Leader Program (ALP) provides individuals with a foundational understanding of leadership skills and competencies essential for individual and organizational success. ALP is designed to challenge participants to increase the capacity of their current skills and abilities. Participants will engage in a variety of learning activities and planning efforts, which will result in key learnings and practical applications. These learning activities better prepare participants to continue to add value to their organizations and contribute to the success of the federal workforce.


  • Assess and identify current skills and competencies to improve performance.
  • Develop a plan outlining individual career development goals.
  • Identify barriers and strategies for overcoming challenges.
  • Create a personal framework for practicing leadership.
  • Provide participants with foundational leadership skills.

Program Components

  • Assessments
  • Role-playing
  • Practical applications
  • Exposure to computer-based learning tools
  • Interactive learning exercises
  • Public Service Motivation applications

Core Competency-Based Training

  • Fundamental leadership competencies
  • Oral and written communication
  • Facilitation of effective relationships
  • Personal branding


  • Organizational return on investment (ROI)
  • Build fundamental leadership skills
  • Improve written and oral communication
  • Develop a plan for continual growth
  • Learn from exposure to other organizations
  • Commitment to personal development

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New Leader Program (GS 7-11)

Curriculum Theme: Leading Self
Audience: GS 7-11 or equivalent
Program Schedule: Six months
Three one-week residential sessions (attendance required)
9.8 CEU
Tuition: $3379

The New Leader Program is a six-month program designed to develop future public service leaders. Its emphasis is on Leading Self. Assessments, experiential learning, and individual development opportunities are integrated into a competency-based learning approach to enhance the effectiveness of leadership at this level.


  • Identify and assess individual developmental strengths and needs.
  • Develop a Personal Development Action Plan.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Enhance organizational awareness, work performance, and career development.
  • Demonstrate greater proficiency of leadership competencies.
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to network with senior-level management and peers.

Program Components

  • Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI)
  • Personality Type
  • Conflict Management
  • Learning Styles

Experiential Learning:

  • Personal Development Action Plan
  • Leadership Readings
  • Senior-Level Management Interviews
  • Shadowing Assignment
  • 30-Day Developmental Assignment
  • Team Learning Project/Presentation

Core Competency-Based Training

  • Understanding, Managing, and Leading Self
  • Team Learning
  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Transitioning into a New Leader


  • Provides an organizational return on investment (ROI)
  • Develops emerging leaders for management and leadership positions
  • Enhances agency succession planning

For more information on next year’s schedule, please call 202.314.3580; or, email nlpapp@graduateschool.edu.

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Executive Leadership Program (GS 11-13)

Curriculum Theme: Leading People
Audience: GS 11-13 or equivalent
Program Schedule: Nine months
Four one-week residential sessions (attendance required)
13.6 CEU
Tuition: $4829

This nine-month leadership development program is designed for mid-level employees seeking to enhance their leadership competence in facilitating their organization’s mission and critical goals. The Executive Core Qualification Leading People is the foundation of this program. Through a myriad of competency-based developmental activities, participants expand their knowledge and experience while increasing their visibility.

Program Objectives

  • Assess developmental strengths and needs in relation to the Executive Core Qualifications.
  • Create a personalized leadership development plan.
  • Engage in real-time practical learning applications.
  • Prepare talented employees for leadership and management positions at an earlier stage in their careers.

Program Components

  • Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI)
  • Personality Type
  • Conflict Management/Styles

Experiential Learning:

  • Leadership Development Plan
  • 60-Day Developmental Assignment
  • Executive Interviews
  • Shadow Assignment
  • Leadership Readings
  • Community Service Project
  • Learning Team Project

Core Competency-Based Training

  • Leading teams
  • Individual skill building for leadership success
  • Leading in a changing environment
  • Celebrating success and recognizing growth as a leader


  • Organizational return on investment (ROI)
  • Increased external awareness/visibility
  • Enhanced management effectiveness

For more information on next year’s schedule, please call 202.314.3580; or, email elpapp@graduateschool.edu.

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Executive Potential Program (GS 13-15)

Curriculum Theme: Leading Change
Audience: GS 13-15 or equivalent
Program Schedule: One year
Four one-week residential sessions (attendance required)
13.6 CEU
Tuition: $6879

The Executive Potential Program (EPP) is a 12-month competency-based leadership development program that provides training and developmental experiences for high-potential GS 13–15s and prepares them to lead effectively at senior levels in the federal government. The curriculum is focused on the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) of Leading Change and transforming senior managers into change leaders.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare participants for senior leadership positions within the federal government.
  • Assess and develop participants’ aptitude and capabilities in relation to the Executive Core Qualifications through a variety of experiential training methods.
  • Enable participants to work in tandem with federal agencies to identify and solve real organizational problems.
  • Expose participants to leadership and management best practices of both governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Program Components

  • Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI)
  • Leading Change

Experiential Learning

  • Action Learning Team Project
  • Two 60-Day Developmental Assignments
  • Senior Executive Service (SES) Interviews
  • Shadow Assignments
  • Leadership Readings
  • Retention of a Mentor

Core Competency-Based Training

  • The Leadership Mindset
  • Leading Change
  • Creative and Innovative Practices in Leadership
  • Vision as a leadership catalyst


  • Identify and capitalize on individual strengths
  • Develop more effective leaders to better lead the organization
  • Provide high return on investment for the organization

For more information on next year’s schedule, please call 202.314.3580; or, email eppapp@graduateschool.edu.

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