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Graduate School USA (GSUSA) is where the government goes for training. For nearly a century, government has relied on GSUSA to deliver the solutions that the federal workforce needs for mission success.

Agencies come to GSUSA because our federally-focused courses and programs provide practical tools that can be used as soon as you leave the classroom. We provide relevant, responsive services in support of both organizational and personal achievement. Committed to supporting our clients with practical, real-life applications that assist them in doing their jobs, we deliver the training solutions that help you to become your agency’s greatest asset.

GSUSA Certificate Programs Help You Achieve Comprehensive Learning Goals.

Long-term learning and acquisition of both broad and specialized skills benefit both individual careers and organizational missions. For those seeking a more dynamic experience, GSUSA offers government- and career-centered certificate programs in the following areas:

Business Analysis
Grants Management
Human Resources Management )
Leadership, Supervision, and Management (3 Levels)
Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management
Personal Property Management
Program and Management Analysis
Project Management

Completion of a certificate of accomplishment program demonstrates:
• Mastery of skills
• An expanded knowledge base
• Completion of a challenging sequence of courses in a specific field
• Preparation to take specific professional certification exams

We Can Bring Our Training to You.

Hundreds of classroom and online courses in a wide range of subject areas are available for contract and on-site training. Use our online course catalog to select the course, topic, or subject area that meets your specific training or program needs.

You may receive a price quotation for your desired courses by completing our Contract for Training at Your Location Form.

If your training needs require a customized approach or are larger in scope or, we can provide you with advice on the time required for each topic and the length of the overall training or help you assemble a program. Contact our Business Development team at onsite@graduateschool.edu or 800-787-9074 for assistance with your specific needs, or read more about our customized services.

Graduate School USA holds the GSA Professional Services Schedule C874 (MOBIS) Contract Number GS-10F-0228P for 874.1 Consulting Services and 874.4 Training Services.

The bottom line? GSUSA knows government. So, why not start the new year where the government goes for training – Graduate School USA!