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Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card

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Course overview

Government Accountability Office (GAO and other audit organizations frequently cite lack of user training in the improper use of the governmentwide commercial purchase card. Learn the rules and regulations of the purchase card program and avoid losing this convenient and efficient micro-purchasing method. Explore spending limits and authorized transactions, and become more secure in knowing how to apply the principles of integrity and ethics to protect yourself from personal liability.

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Who should attend?

Federal employees who need to make purchases using the governmentwide commercial purchase card.

Learning outcomes

  • Use the purchase card properly when making agency purchases
  • Recognize the pitfalls involved in making purchase card purchases
  • Answer frequently asked questions concerning the use of the purchase card
  • Follow appropriate procedures and regulations when using the purchase card
  • Recognize improper use of the purchase card

Course outline

Syllabus -- Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card, ACQI7004D, Grad. School, USDA

Day one of one

  • Overview of the Governmentwide Purchase Card Program
    • What is the Governmentwide Purchase Card Program?
    • What are the applicable regulations?
    • Who administers the Purchase Card Program?
    • May I contact the Purchase Card Program?
    • Who is eligible to use the card?
    • How can I get the card?
    • What authority is needed to use the purchase card?

  • Training
    • What training is necessary?
    • What is an approving official and what are his/her responsibilities?
    • What are my responsibilities as a cardholder?
    • How do I obtain the necessary training?

  • Using the Purchase Card
    • How does the cardholder or approving official set up funding for the purchase card?
    • What are my purchase limitations?
    • What types of merchants can I purchase from?
    • What purchases are not allowed with my purchase card?
    • Can I buy services?
    • What are the procedures I must follow in order to make a purchase card purchase?
    • What file documentation must I maintain for each purchase?
    • What are the procedures for receiving and tracking deliveries?
    • What are the penalties for misuse of the purchase card?

  • The Payment Process
    • Where will the statements be sent?
    • What are the procedures for reconciliation and processing of statements?
    • How are purchase card bills paid?
    • Who is responsible for resolving billing errors or disputes?
    • Does the purchase card contractor offer any incentives for paying early?

  • Care of the Purchase Card
    • What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
    • What happens if a cardholder or approving official leaves the agency or transfers to another office?
    • What happens if a cardholder transfers to another office with a different approving official?
    • How do I renew an expiring purchase card?

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