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Executive Leadership Program

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Course overview

Ensure your future as a manager by enrolling in the Executive Leadership Program (ELP). This nine-month program, with an emphasis on leading people, provides training and developmental experiences for individuals at the GS 11-13 levels through experiential learning and individual developmental opportunities. These activities are supported by classroom instruction and activities provided during the four residential sessions.

Program components include:

  • 360-degree feedback assessment
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • One 60-day developmental work assignment
  • One shadowing assignment
  • Five executive interviews
  • Management readings
  • Experiential team project and presentation
  • Working with a mentor
  • Community service
The current tuition is $4,829. View more information about schedule and nomination, or contact the Center for Leadership and Management, Adrian Rias, at (202) 314-3539.

Who should attend?

High-potential federal employees at the GS 11-13 levels.

Learning outcomes

  • Self-assess and develop both strengths and areas for growth
  • Map career goals and objectives
  • Lead teams
  • Apply styles and principles of leadership
  • Utilize effective leadership models to lead teams

Course outline

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Week one - Orientation

  • Self Discovery – Learning to soar and the making of a team
  • Discovering the leader in you (aligning the individual to be a leader)
  • Team Building and exploring your role in the team environment
  • Studying preferences through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Mentoring and discovering strategies for effective learning partnerships
  • Building Trust as the foundation for leadership success
  • Exploring the concept of Emotional Intelligence and the impact on personal and professional development
  • Studying the Executive Core Competencies
  • Receiving feedback through the Leadership Effectiveness Inventory
  • Building a Leadership Plan for ELP success and career development
  • Setting the stage for ELP Success through alumni sharing
Week two - Skill Building for ELP Success
  • Understanding the fundamentals of leadership through The Leadership Challenge
  • Examining Leadership styles and exploring leadership values
  • Creating strategies for managing conflict
  • Understanding conflict preferences through assessment
  • Team Building challenges and solutions
  • Developing leadership strengths through feedback and observation
  • Coaching as a tool for communicating
  • Leading a Multi-Generation Workforce
  • Exploring the concept of Level Five Leaders
Week three - Leading at the Next Level
  • Understanding Critical Thinking
  • Analyzing and evaluating one’s thinking process for decision making
  • Exploring ethical dilemmas that challenge leadership
  • Building personal strategies for continuous external awareness
  • Defining work in the context of your organization’s mission and objectives
  • Surveying the political environment and building stakeholder support
  • Experimenting with the power of persuasion
  • Organizing clear and powerful thoughts
  • Building the resilient leader
  • Staging Team Projects
Week four - Celebrating Success & Recognizing Personal Growth Opportunities
  • Team Project preparation
  • Team Project delivery and assessment
  • Managing transitions
  • Empowering and mentoring others for leadership fulfillment
  • Graduation exercises and celebration of individual and team success

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