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Executive Potential Program

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Course overview

The Executive Potential Program (EPP) is a 12-month nationwide leadership development program that provides the training and developmental experiences necessary for high-potential GS 13-15 employees moving into executive leadership positions. The curriculum consists of four one-week intensive sessions with personal and teamwork required between. The program focuses on individual development needs and leadership skills, action learning teams, project identification and project planning. Sessions concentrate on the following ECQs: Leading Change, Leading People, Managing for Results and Building Coalitions/Communications. A key component of this program includes an emphasis on best practices in leadership. Typically, all of the sessions are held in Washington, D.C.

The current tuition is $6,879. View more information for schedule and nomination, or contact Cindy Morgan-Jaffe at clm@graduateschool.edu, (202) 314-3593.

Who should attend?

Federal employees at the GS 13-15 levels.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop innovative solutions to solve organizational problems
  • Create a personal and organizational vision of leadership and lead others to accept the vision
  • Appreciate the importance of continuous learning as the cornerstone of leadership growth and success
  • Solidify strategic partnerships
  • Mentor and motivate others

Course outline

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Week One: Orientation – The Essence of Leadership

Program Overview
Leadership Effectiveness Inventory and Leadership Development Plan
Introduction to Action Learning
Leadership Lessons from History
Building Successful Teams
Identifying and Evaluating Organizational Problems

Week Two: Essentials of Leadership

Ethical Fitness and Moral Courage
Political Savvy
Conducting Benchmarking Efforts
Action Learning Team Project Selection

Week Three: Best Practices in Leadership

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Best Practices Site Visits to Innovative Organizations
Implementing Best Practices

Week Four: Leading Change

Managing in a Political Environment
Action Learning Team Project Presentations
Becoming a Transformational Leader
Graduation Ceremony