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Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B)

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Course overview

Build powerful, positive and productive organizational relationships with the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B), a powerful tool for assessing how one's unique interpersonal needs motivate and affect his or her behavior in personal and professional relationships. This invaluable tool for measuring interpersonal behavior is used widely in:

  • Team building
  • Leadership programs
  • Career development coaching
The FIRO-B offers quick insights into ways to contribute to, influence and participate in individual, group and team relationships. FIRO-B assesses three basic needs:
  • Inclusion: How much attention, contact and recognition each person gives to and expects from others
  • Control: How much influence and responsibility each person desires and expects from others
  • Affection: How much intimacy each person extends and expects from others
Each of the 54 items is measured in two dimensions: the "expressed" behavior (how much we initiate the behavior) and the "wanted" behavior (how much we prefer others to initiate the behavior).
Whether you are an individual interested in enhancing your people skills or a team leader or manager desiring to improve your work group's overall effectiveness, the FIRO-B has proven to be a valuable tool. You may take it online or on paper, and an expert Graduate School facilitator will provide an interpretation of your results. For intact work teams, we can arrange a group interpretation session on-site at your convenience. For leadership development programs, we can provide individual or group interpretation sessions with the Leadership Report Using FIRO-B and MBTI®.
Call our FIRO-B representative for more details at (202) 314-3464.

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