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Writing ECQ Statements

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Course overview

Review the history and requirements of the Senior Executive Service, with a focus on policies, procedures and the application process. Use OPM's general guidelines for writing Executive Core Qualification statements (ECQs) to gain an understanding of the competencies that comprise each ECQ. You are guided through a self-assessment and will write ECQ statements with the assistance of a coach.

Who should attend?

Federal employees at the GS 13-15 levels considering or in the process of applying to the Senior Executive Service.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the structure of the SES and how you gain access to it
  • Apply basic guidelines for writing your Executive Core Qualification statements
  • Identify the competencies and tasks that comprise the leadership effectiveness framework
  • Describe development resources to gain additional experience with specific Executive Core Qualifications

Course outline

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Day One

SES Qualifications

    Structure and Purpose of the SES
    Role and Responsibilities of OPM
    Role and Responsibilities of the candidate’s agency
    Executive Review Boards
    Performance Review Boards
    Quality Review Boards
    Selection Criteria
    Candidate Development Programs

LEF Framework

    Fundamental Competencies
    The Five Executive Core Competencies

Drafting Your ECQs

    SES Hiring Process Improvement Objectives
    Resume Based Method
    Accomplishment Record Method
    CCAR Model
    Keys to Well Written ECQs
    Rating and Ranking Proficiency Levels

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