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Leading People

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Feb 27 - Mar 01, 2018
08:30 - 16:00 , Tue-Thu
Washington , DC $1699 G
Jun 26 - Jun 28, 2018
08:30 - 16:00 , Tue-Thu
Washington , DC $1699 G
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Course overview

Develop insight into critical leadership behaviors and how to adapt them to the needs of your organization through this highly interactive seminar. Explore the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Leading People and the fundamental leadership competencies. Examine trust and integrity as the foundations for leadership while learning to maximize performance. Explore the dynamics of team leadership and how to create a "Culture of Greatness," through coaching and empowerment.

This course aligns with the following DoD financial management competencies:
DoD FM CompetencyProficiency LevelHours
Conflict Management (Lead People) N/A 4
Continual Learning (Lead Self) N/A 4
Integrity/Honesty (Lead Self) N/A 2
Leveraging Diversity (Lead People) N/A 2
Team Building (Lead Teams/Projects) N/A 6

Who should attend?

Individuals at the GS 14-15 levels, participants in Agency Candidate Development Programs and SES members seeking additional or refresher training.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply strategies to build and lead effective teams based on individual strengths
  • Resolve conflict by applying a variety of conflict management styles
  • Leverage diversity and foster inclusion in the workplace
  • Develop and communicate a vision for workforce motivation
  • Use coaching and effective strategy implementation to maximize organizational performance

Course outline

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Day One

Leadership Excellence

    Characteristics of Great Leaders
    Leadership Goals
    Purpose Centered Leadership
    The Leadership Principles
    Leadership Pitfalls

Maximizing Performance

    Characteristics of Performance Maximizing Organizations
    Creating a "Greatness Expectation"
    "On the Spot" Correction
    Coach, Empower and Encourage
    Commitment and Decisiveness
    How Beliefs Influence Behavior
    Team Determined Purpose
    A Good to Great Plan
    Implementation Principles

Ten Commandments of Diverse Environment Leadership

Day Two

Welcome and Overview

    Focus on Excellence - When You're at Your Best
    The Path to Engagement
    Myths and Realities of Talent
    Skills, Knowledge, Talents, and Strengths

Introduction to Strengths

    Reaction Questions - Small Groups
    Synthesis of Talents and Recent Actions
    Strength Interview
    Building Awareness and Understanding

Getting to the Right Fit With Strengths

    What Does My Job Require
    What Do I Do Best - Card Exercise
    Matching Job Requirements with Strengths
    Impact Questionnaire and Discussion

Moving Toward Strengths

    Leveraging Strengths - Minimizing Weaknesses
    Working With the Strengths of Others
    Developing Talents into Strengths
    Talent Groupings and Characteristics

Day Three

Leading High Performing Teams

    Benefits of a Team
    The Benefits of Team Synergy
    Pitfalls for Teams
    Generating Trust Among The Distrusting
    What Great Teams Look Like

Developing Your Personal Leadership Skill

Tactics for Acquiring Power

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