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Intermediate French II

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Apr 19 - Jun 21, 2018
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Course overview

This high-intermediate level French course introduces participants to increasingly complex grammatical structures and introduces contemporary French vocabulary reflecting topics such as French society, politics, economics and culture. Grammar includes the subjunctive, the pluperfect, the conditional and complex sentence structures.

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Course outline

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Syllabus, Graduate School, USDA Objective
To introduce the student to more complex grammatical patterns, while increasing conversational fluency and reading proficiency via French literature.

Learning Outcome
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate greater proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and translating and have a broader understanding of French culture.

Major topics covered in the course include
  • reflexives;
  • passé composé;
  • imperfect;
  • interrogatives;
  • negatives;
  • descriptive adjectives and adverbs;
  • future, conditional, pluperfect;
  • devoir; relative pronouns and demonstratives.
  • Vocabulary topics will include readings on French language and culture, such as French politics and economics; religion; geography; society and history.
Major topics covered in the course include Methods of instruction include lecture, discussion, classroom exercises, presentations, tests, and final examination.
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