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The Leadership Challenge

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Feb 28 - Mar 01, 2018
08:30 - 16:00 , Wed-Thu
Washington , DC $1149 O
Jun 05 - Jun 06, 2018
08:30 - 16:00 , Tue-Wed
Washington , DC $1149 O
Sep 18 - Sep 19, 2018
08:30 - 16:00 , Tue-Wed
Washington , DC $1149 O
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Course overview

"Leadership is about how leaders mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done." - Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner
The Leadership Challenge is the solution for you if you want to become the very best leader in every aspect of your life. Discuss practices leaders use to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations and risks into rewards. Based on the research of award-winning and best-selling authors, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, learn the Five BestPractices of Exemplary Leadership identified through their research. Explore how you can go places you have never been before, and also take others with you in the future.

This course aligns with the following DoD financial management competencies:
DoD FM CompetencyProficiency LevelHours
Continual Learning (Lead Self) N/A 2
Developing others (Lead People) N/A 2
Human Capital Management (Lead People) N/A 2
Influencing/Negotiating (Lead Teams/Projects) N/A 2
Team Building (Lead Teams/Projects) N/A 4

Who should attend?

Individuals who want to explore and expand their leadership competence and capability.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify your leadership strengths and areas for improvement
  • Communicate your fundamental values and beliefs
  • Inspire others to share a common vision
  • Focus on efforts on aligning key values and beliefs
  • Build collaboration, teamwork and trust
  • Strengthen the ability of others to excel
  • Recognize the accomplishments of others
  • Apply the Five Best Practices of Exemplary Leadership to a current organizational challenge

Course outline

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Day One

    Personal-Best Leadership Experience
    The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
    The Leadership Practices Inventory

Model the Way
    Characteristics of Admired Leaders
    Values Clarity and Commitment
    Set the Example by Aligning Actions with Values

Inspire a Shared Vision
    Envision the Ideal and Unique Future
    Finding Common Ground

Challenge the Process
    Use Outsight
    Taking Risks and Learning from Mistakes

Day Two

Challenge the Process (Continued)

Enable Others to Act
    Powerful Times, Powerless Times
    Develop Competence
    Experiencing Collaboration

Encourage the Heart
    Most Meaningful Recognition
    The Seven Essentials of Encouraging the Heart
    Telling an Encouraging Story

Making Commitments
    Personal Leadership Development Goals
    Communicating Your Vision and Values
    Making Commitments

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