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Calculus III

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The students will continue to explore more in learning and understanding the advanced concepts of Calculus in Sequences, Infinite Series, Power Series, Taylor and Maclaurin Series, convergence of Taylors Series, Three Dimensional Coordinate Systems, Vectors, The Dot Product, The Cross Product, Lines and Planes in Space, Vector Functions, modeling Projectile Motion, Arc Length and Unit Tangent Vector T, Curvature an the Unit Normal Vector N, Torsion and the Unit Binomial Vector B, Functions of SeveralVariables, Limits and Continuity in higher dimensions, Partial Derivatives, The Chain Rule, Directional Derivatives and Gradient Vectors, Tangent Planes and Differentials, Extreme Values and Saddle Points, Lagrange Multipliers, Double Integrals, Area moments and Center of Mass, Triple Integrals in Rectangular coordinates, Triple integrals in Cylinderical and Spherical Coordinates, Line Integrals, and Vector Fields, Work, Circulation and Flux.
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