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Pay Setting for FWS Positions

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Course overview

Learn how to set pay for employees under the Federal Wage System (FWS) in this extensive technical course. Implement and apply the rules and requirements related to new appointments; reinstatement and reassignments; transfers and conversions; promotions and changes to lower grade; pay changes; recruitment, relocation, and retention incentives; special qualifications; grade and pay retention and severance pay; and movement between pay systems.

Enroll anytime in this web-based course. All materials supplied. Independent study. Self-paced; take up to six months to complete.

Who should attend?

Federal HR staff and administrative personnel who set pay or give advice on setting pay.

Learning outcomes

  • Set pay for employees under the Federal Wage System
  • Set pay for non-FWS pay system employees who move to FWS positions
  • Use recruitment and relocation incentives

Course outline

Module 1:The Federal Wage System, New Appointments, Reinstatements, and Transfers and Conversions

  • The FWS Structure
  • Wage Rates
  • New appointments
  • Minimum step
  • Higher than the minimum step
  • Increased minimum rates
  • Reinstatements
  • Prior separation voluntary
  • Prior separation involuntary
  • Transfers and Conversions with no change in grade
  • No change in pay
  • Local directives on transfers between federal agencies
  • Highest previous rate
  • Changes between wage areas

Module 2: Reassignments and Promotions

  • Representative Rates
  • Reassignments
  • No change in pay
  • Highest previous rate
  • Changes between wage areas
  • Changes between regular and special wage rates
  • Promotions
  • Governmentwide FWS mandatory promotion rule
  • Changes between regular and special wage rates

Module 3: Changes to Lower Grade, Grade and Pay Retention

  • Representative Rates
  • Voluntary or Involuntary?
  • Voluntary changes to lower grade
  • Involuntary changes to lower grade
  • Grade and Pay Retention
  • Grade retention
  • Pay retention
  • Subsequent changes and further entitlements

Module 4: Pay Changes and Severance Pay

  • Within-Grade Increases
  • Basic requirements
  • Simultaneous pay actions
  • Changes in Wage Schedule
  • Wage schedule increases
  • Wage schedule decreases
  • Severance Pay
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Severance pay fund

Module 5: Changes between Pay Systems

  • Movement from the GS to the FWS Pay System
  • Identifying the action taking place
  • Setting pay on changes from GS to FWS
  • Setting Pay for Former USPS Employees
  • FWS highest previous rate

Module 6: Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentives

  • Recruitment and Relocation Incentives
  • Eligibility for recruitment incentives
  • Eligibility for relocation incentives
  • Service agreements
  • Payment of incentives
  • Retention Incentive
  • Eligibility
  • Service agreements
  • Payment of incentive
  • Termination of incentive
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