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Applications in Personal Property Accountability

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Feb 27 - Mar 02, 2018
08:30 - 16:00 , Tue-Fri
Washington , DC $1099 O
Jun 05 - Jun 08, 2018
08:30 - 16:00 , Tue-Fri
Washington , DC $1099 O
Aug 07 - Aug 10, 2018
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Sep 11 - Sep 14, 2018
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Course overview

Explore the team-based approaches to problem solving and decision making in the management of personal property. Work with expert instructors and share your experiences with other participants in realistic simulations, while reviewing essential information required of all property managers. Apply the skills and knowledge learned from previous courses in realistic case studies. Work on your own property management issues. Learn to create action plans for accomplishing management functions and discover invaluable problem-solving skills.

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Related Certificate Program:
This course is part of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Personal Property Management.

Who should attend?

Those who want to learn and apply team-based management skills and those who want to learn and apply management techniques in personal property to their own work environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate problem-solving techniques and the application of policy to respond to real-world problems and practical exercises
  • Perform the skills learned in the course to use in the workplace in the area of your personal property working environment
  • State the important content procedures and regulations for personal property managers
  • Identify information and the skills in team-based approaches to personal property management
  • Demonstrate information in team-based approaches to applicable situations

Course outline

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Day One


Applying personal property principles
        Legal and regulatory basis
        Personal property principles
        Determination of need and acquisition
        The acquisition process
        Utilization and accountability
        Types of property
        Sensitive property
        Organizing a property management function

Day Two

         Applying personal property principles (continued)
         Property management coordination
         Government furnished property and equipment (GFP/GFE)

Day Three

Applying personal property principles (continued)
         Disposal and processes
         Personal property management career development

Team-Based Skills for Personal Property Managers
         Element of time in personal property management
         Property management and performance measurement���

Day Four

Team-Based Skills for Personal Property Managers (continued)
         Purpose of performance measures
         Types of indicators

Case Study

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