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Thinking Critically, Writing Clearly

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Course overview

Develop your critical thinking skills to enhance your writing skills so that the reader can understand your intended message. Critically read information so you can analyze and understand the message of the writer.

Enroll anytime in this online course. Instructor-based study. Self-paced; take up to six months to complete.

Textbooks must be purchased separately. The required textbooks are:

  1. Barnet, Sylvan, and Hugo Bedau. Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing: A Brief Guide to Argument. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s (8th ed.)
  2. Hacker,Diana. A Writer’s Reference with Exercises. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s (8th ed.)

Who should attend?

Writers who want to enhance their critical reading, writing, and thinking skills so they can critically analyze arguments presented by others, as well as create their own arguments to persuade others.

Learning outcomes

  • Think critically about an issue (employ your critical lens)
  • Read actively and critically
  • Identify the components of an argument
  • Develop and deploy logically valid arguments
  • Plan, draft, and edit your own work
  • Use and cite sources correctly
  • Correct common grammar problems
  • Articulate your own writing style
  • Identify and avoid fallacies in your writing

Course outline

Course Introduction
Lesson 1: Critical Thinking and You
Lesson 2: Critical Reading
Lesson 3: Introduction to Arguments
Lesson 4: Analyzing Arguments
Lesson 5: The Writing Process
Lesson 6: The Writing Process, Revisited
Lesson 7: Grammar Review
Lesson 8: Style Review
Lesson 9: Fallacies
Lesson 10: Final Thoughts

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