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EDIT7001D - Proofreading

Avoid professional embarrassment by improving your proofreading skills. Packed with exercises, checklists, and tips, this course familiarizes you with standard proofreading marks and terms; various methods of proofreading; and punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviation rules. This course aligns...
Code: EDIT7001D

EDIT7100D - Editing for Impact

Gain the skills for revising your business documents to improve their clarity and accuracy. The Plain Writing Act of 2010 mandates that government documents be easily understood and well organized. Learn how to revise documents to give your main ideas greater power and emphasis. Become proficient...
Code: EDIT7100D

EDIT7150E - Principles of Editing for Publication

Learn the overall process of publication, from story idea to printing. Discover new technologies affecting editing and print production in todays publishing industry. Develop and practice the skills and various processes that produce a completed publication: form and organization, grammar, rhetoric...
Code: EDIT7150E

EDIT7170E - Proofreading

Understand and apply proofreading techniques in order to recognize and correct errors, including spelling, punctuation, capitalization, number notation, abbreviations and word division. Copy to be proofread includes narrative text, graphics and tabular materials, all subject to critical review for...
Code: EDIT7170E

EDIT7270E - Printing Layout and Design

Explore the theories and techniques associated with the graphic design field including typography, composition and principles of design. Learn how best to work with designers and printers while gaining an overview of printing processes, materials and special techniques. Apply knowledge to create a...
Code: EDIT7270E

EDIT7320E - Practice in Editing

Hands-on organizing, revising, and editing of documents. Learn to produce crisp, clear and concise memos, letters, reports, feature articles and news stories. Review usage and style techniques to make copy sparkle. This course is a part of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Editorial Practices...
Code: EDIT7320E

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