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PERS1130E - Federal Human Resources Management

Examine the principles, procedures, rules, regulations and organization of federal human resources management. Discuss issues relating to merit system principles, major personnel laws and the personnel organizations of the federal government; position classification and pay administration. Explore...
Code: PERS1130E

PERS2220E - Employee Relations

Learn how to handle the delicate issues involved in successful employee relations. Address issues faced by employee relations specialists, including grievances, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action matters, merit pay, labor relations, disciplinary actions, employee benefits and...
Code: PERS2220E

PERS2225E - EEO and Affirmative Action and Diversity

Learn the historic and legal framework for Equal Employment Opportunity and discover how affirmative action helps to capitalize on racial and cultural diversity and contribute to organizational effectiveness. This course is ideal for those planning a career in EEO, personnel or supervision. Explore...
Code: PERS2225E

PERS2230E - Human Resources Recruiting Principles and Practices

Learn a variety of traditional and innovative techniques (including online strategies) for recruiting and attracting qualified and diverse candidates to your organization. Explore job interviewing methods, practice various models for job analysis and conducting candidate evaluations. Enhance your...
Code: PERS2230E

PERS2250E - Staffing and Placement

Explore how federal agencies recruit, screen and select employees. Learn the principles that cover the Merit System and gain skill in determining a job's Qualification Requirements, including its key Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs). Discover how to implement recruiting and screening...
Code: PERS2250E

PERS4499E - Developmental Internship (Supervised Application)

Observe and participate in the work of experienced Human Resources (HR) professionals. This developmental internship offers an opportunity to apply the skills learned in the personnel administration certificate program. A typical internship includes 40 hours, either full-time or part-time, in an...
Code: PERS4499E

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