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WRIT7070E - Essential Writing

Improve your basic writing skills and build a foundation for writing success. Explore the basics of English grammar and work up to analyses of more complicated structures. You complete numerous exercises and write sentences that illustrate grammatical principles and improve the accuracy and...
Code: WRIT7070E

WRIT7105E - Writing for Public Relations and Marketing

Learn to design and develop persuasive promotional pieces targeted to a wide range of audiences. Draft an array of strategic documents including promotional speeches, ghostwriting, positioning brochures, newsletters and by-lined feature articles suitable for newspaper and magazine placement, as...
Code: WRIT7105E

WRIT7115E - Memoir and Journal Writing

Whether you write for posterity, publication or both, putting down your life story can be fun, therapeutic, and rewarding. Explore journal and memoir writing and learn how to turn your life experiences into stories and books.
Code: WRIT7115E

WRIT7120E - Writing Plain Language for the Government

Learn to write professional documents in plain language by eliminating unnecessary words and phrases, avoiding technical language, using the active voice and writing short sentences. Explore processes used in assembling and analyzing information, writing outlines and rough drafts, and refining final...
Code: WRIT7120E

WRIT7210E - Practical Writing I

Improve your professional and personal writing by understanding and building upon basic skills. You receive a concise review of basic grammar and techniques to improve accuracy and clarity in writing, as well as the organization of ideas, word choice, paragraph structure and planning a paper...
Code: WRIT7210E

WRIT7219E - Creative Nonfiction

Examine the nature of "seeing" as a writer and explore various modes of turning personal experiences into prose in this hands-on writing class. Discover techniques for telling a story, involving readers in your narrative and making your nonfiction writing vivid and enjoyable. The course is designed...
Code: WRIT7219E

WRIT7225E - Effective Business Writing

Improve your professional writing and learn to confidently handle organizing, writing and revising business letters, memos and other office-related documents. Practice techniques using exercises centered around organizing ideas, drafting responses, and writing more concisely to make your message...
Code: WRIT7225E

WRIT7320E - Travel Writing

Learn to write about and sell your travel experiences. Gain insight into freelance travel writing from a published professional. During the course you write several travel stories and submit them for publication to area journals, newspapers and magazines. View the Term course schedule.
Code: WRIT7320E

WRIT8305E - Technical Writing

Create, arrange and present technical and professional information for a specific audience, purpose, and context. Learn strategies for improving document clarity, including the principles of Plain Language, managing writing style and incorporating visual structure. Apply these skills to a class...
Code: WRIT8305E

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