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COMP7120E - SQL (Oracle 11G) Introduction

Introduction to the fundamental SQL language used in all relational databases today. Designed for students who have basic knowledge of databases who intend to enhance SQL knowledge with hands-on experiences. By completing this course, students are expected to develop a solid understanding of using...
Code: COMP7120E

COMP8004E - Adobe Acrobat: Intermediate

Develop the concepts and skills to use Adobe Acrobat effectively. Hands-on practice working with basic through advanced techniques gets the most out of the application. Adobe Acrobat Professional software enables business, legal, government, creative, and engineering professionals who work with...
Code: COMP8004E

COMP9247E - Adobe Dreamweaver: Advanced

Discover the more advanced features of the Dreamweaver Web development software. Through a series of hands-on projects utilizing the Insert Navigation Bar Tool, work with Flash buttons and text, define head elements and style sheets, and work with layers to insert media objects.
Code: COMP9247E

COMP1120E - Introduction to Information Systems

Improve your computer literacy and gain a foundation to move into advanced areas of information technology. Learn the concepts, terminology and components of information technology systems. Understand the importance of data communications and networking, the function of operating systems, the role...
Code: COMP1120E

COMP7002E - Adobe InDesign: Introduction

InDesign is a powerful page layout application that offers many features designed to simplify complicated design tasks. Learn to create master pages, apply paragraph and character styles, and lay out text and graphics in frames. Discover how to flow text across pages for reports and newsletters...
Code: COMP7002E

COMP7006E - Adobe Acrobat: Introduction

Focus on effectively applying the many powerful features and functions of the Acrobat application. Practice creating, storing, accessing and distributing simple and visually rich documents, forms, diagrams, maps, photographs, and multimedia presentations across the Internet and enterprise-wide...
Code: COMP7006E

COMP7955E - Introduction to Information Assurance

Explore the basic concepts of information assurance fundamentals. Course topics will include Threats and Adversaries, Vulnerabilities and Risks, Basic Risk Assessment, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Data Security and Security Mechanisms. Upon completion of the course, students will be...
Code: COMP7955E

COMP8002E - Adobe Photoshop: Intermediate

Advance to intermediate techniques within the Photoshop application. Focus on the Pen tool, vector shapes and paths, and advanced shape layering processes. Learn how to automate commands and prepare images for two-color printing.
Code: COMP8002E

COMP8003E - Adobe InDesign: Intermediate

Acquire the concepts and skills to use Adobe InDesign effectively. Hands-on practice working with basic through advanced techniques to get the most out of the application. Learn type controls, graphics file management, layers and document setup. Appropriate for one who already is a designer, a...
Code: COMP8003E

COMP8199E - HTML XHTML and CSS Fundamentals

Build a strong foundation in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), a software language used to create Web sites. This foundation course focuses on technical and usability standards of HTML. Learn to compose HTML pages with linked documents, embedded graphical images, and HTML tables to create a...
Code: COMP8199E

Results (1 to 10 of 128)

Certificate of Accomplishment Programs

In-Depth Knowledge for Real-World Achievement Graduate School USA believes that long-term learning and the acquisition of both broad and specialized skills benefit individuals and organizations. Our government-centered certificate of accomplishment programs provide extensive training and deep...

Federal Human Resources Certificate of Accomplishment : Level I Online

Graduate School USA's Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources are offered at three progressive levels. Consisting of courses that are practical, job-related, and federal-specific, our certificate programs focus on the real issues confronting contemporary HR practitioners and managers...

Certificate of Accomplishment Completion/Graduation Form

Thank You , Graduate School USA welcomes and values your feedback! One of our Customer Service Representatives will read and address your comments personally. As this may often require some time for research before replying, please know we are working to respond to you as quickly as possible. If...

Information Technology

Information Technology Curriculum Our Courses We offer courses in computer programming, database administration, and Web design, as well as a range of basic information technology courses such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation programs, all taught by experienced instructors...

Project Management

Project Management Curriculum The demand for trained project managers has significantly increased, and our courses respond to the growing need to train managers and specialists in project management processes and techniques. Graduate School USA's extensive curriculum in project management addresses...

Program and Management Analysis

Program and Management Analysis Curriculum Graduate School USA offers an extensive curriculum in program and management analysis. All our courses respond to the growing need to train analysts, technicians, and assistants in collecting and using data; designing studies; and evaluating specific...

Personal Property Management

Personal Property Management Curriculum Graduate School USA’s personal property management curriculum consists of four courses on accountability and management that lead to a Certificate of Accomplishment in Personal Property Management . This curriculum reviews the entire life cycle of property...

Federal Acquisition and Contracting

Federal Acquisition and Contracting Curriculum Our Courses Graduate School USA’s Acquisition curriculum helps individuals develop the skills necessary to minimize risks, maximize competition, maintain integrity, and assure delivery of products and services according to contract terms and conditions...

Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools Available From Graduate School USA Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B) ® Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ® Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) The Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) is a 360-degree...

Business Analysis

Business Analysis Curriculum Business analysts understand business problems and opportunities in the context of specific requirements and recommend solutions that enable an organization to achieve its goals. Our Business Analysis curriculum includes courses designed to help participants acquire...

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