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PORT7110E001 - Introductory Portuguese I

Receive a basic foundation for speaking, reading, writing and understanding Brazilian Portuguese with emphasis on grammar and pronunciation. Designed for participants with no prior knowledge of the language, this course also provides an introduction to aspects of Brazilian culture.Additional...
Code: PORT7110E001

PORT7111E001 - Introductory Portuguese II

Through the use of progressive sequencing, you learn to communicate in Brazilian Portuguese, even in the early stages of learning the language. Designed to improve grammar and comprehension of Portuguese, this course approaches reading and writing by way of the spoken language.Additional Information...
Code: PORT7111E001

PORT7112E001 - Introductory Portuguese III

Build on your introductory-level reading, writing, and oral skills in Portuguese. Practice using more complex vocabulary in dialogues, and learn to use present, past, and future tenses in conversation and writing. Discuss short readings on a variety of topics.
Code: PORT7112E001

PORT8210E001 - Intermediate Portuguese I

While focusing on the development of reading, writing and conversational skills, this course emphasizes vocabulary expansion and group discussion. Participants review grammatical concepts acquired in Introductory Portuguese III and continue to study Brazilian culture through music, books and...
Code: PORT8210E001

PORT8211E001 - Intermediate Portuguese II

Focus on developing reading, writing and conversational skills, and emphasize vocabulary expansion and group discussion. You review grammatical concepts acquired in Introductory Portuguese III and continue to study Brazilian culture through music, books and newspapers.Additional Information:View the...
Code: PORT8211E001

PORT8212E001 - Intermediate Portuguese III

Further development of all four skills and vocabulary is achieved through the reading of articles and short stories from the Brazilian magazine, "Veja." Communication skills are refined through discussions and presentations.
Code: PORT8212E001

AUDT9502G001 - Reviewing Other People's Report Writing

Reviewing draft audit reports written by others is a critical and delicate skill. Critiquing the writing, not the writer is the golden rule. Learn a structured process for efficiently evaluating the accuracy, appropriateness and readability of audit reports and for checking that findings are...
Code: AUDT9502G001

GART8400E001 - Developing a Portfolio (Capstone)

The culminating activity of the Digital Graphic Arts Certificate. Students develop a portfolio of work using all the skills learned throughout the certificate program: design foundation, strategic and creative problem solving, typography, and computer applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator...
Code: GART8400E001

FINC8120D001 - Decision Support Analytics

Develop your skills and capabilities for improved financial and performance management and decision making, especially in today's environment of declining budgets and increased performance expectations. Enhance your business intelligence to help you effectively manage and make informed decisions...
Code: FINC8120D001

AUDT8032G001 - The Governmental Audit: From Planning to Reporting

If you have been assigned to only portions of a performance audit and need an overall perspective of the process, this course is for you. Improve your knowledge and skills related to all phases of the performance audit and the evaluation of results. By working a case study throughout the course...
Code: AUDT8032G001

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Request for Certificate Program Progress Report

Thank You , Graduate School USA welcomes and values your feedback! One of our Customer Service Representatives will read and address your comments personally. As this may often require some time for research before replying, please know we are working to respond to you as quickly as possible. If...

Information Technology

Information Technology Curriculum Our Courses We offer courses in computer programming, database administration, and Web design, as well as a range of basic information technology courses such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation programs, all taught by experienced instructors...

Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools Available From Graduate School USA Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B) ® Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ® Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) The Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI) is a 360-degree...

Business Analysis

Business Analysis Curriculum Business analysts understand business problems and opportunities in the context of specific requirements and recommend solutions that enable an organization to achieve its goals. Our Business Analysis curriculum includes courses designed to help participants acquire...

Career Services and Training Center Management

Career Services and Training Center Management Graduate School USA has experience in successfully managing agency On-Site Training Center locations and delivering a broad range of customized career development and transition services. Contact our Business Development team at onsite@graduateschool...

Certificate of Accomplishment Programs

In-Depth Knowledge for Real-World Achievement Graduate School USA believes that long-term learning and the acquisition of both broad and specialized skills benefit individuals and organizations. Our certificate of accomplishment programs provide extensive training and deep knowledge in areas...

Center for Leadership and Management

The Center for Leadership and Management at Graduate School USA Graduate School USA believes strongly in the power of leadership training to shape and direct change, both in organizations and in individual lives and careers. Through our Center for Leadership and Management (CLM), we offer courses...

Communication and Professional Skills

Communication and Professional Skills Curriculum To be a key contributor in your organization, you need well-developed communication and professional skills. Graduate School USA offers a curriculum designed to help you develop and expand your abilities, with a focus on: Business and Administrative...

Federal Financial Management

Federal Financial Management Curriculum Graduate School USA’s Financial Management curriculum provides comprehensive training solutions that help you develop the broad range of knowledge and skills you need to make sound decisions. Our Courses Government departments and agencies need to balance...

Auditing (Government Audit Training Institute)

Auditing Curriculum Government Audit Training Institute (GATI) Auditing courses at Graduate School USA are offered under the auspices of our Government Audit Training Institute (GATI), recognized as the premier provider of training in performance auditing. Since 1978, GATI has provided classes to...

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