The Future of the Federal Workforce Is Now.

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The Future of the Federal Workforce Is Now


Graduate School USA (GSUSA) is proud to be an AI Diamond sponsor of the 2023 Training Officers Consortium (TOC) and to continue our long-standing partnership of commitment to help make government more effective and efficient. Join GSUSA and TOC for two complementary interactive virtual presentations that are essential for the future of the federal workforce.





Webinar #2: The New Hybrid Workplace: Getting to Win-Win

March 28, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Virtual Webinar presented by Robert Criscuolo

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The current Hybrid Workplace is presenting a number of challenges and opportunities. Leaders and managers are navigating a myriad of work design variations and worker expectations. Getting to a win-win “sweet spot” that balances leadership’s wants with reliable performance, while responding to worker satisfaction demands will require a high degree of business acumen. As a result of the pandemic, the 100% virtual experiment has evolved to more of a hybrid middle ground where leaders are seeking precisely how to purposefully reconfigure their workplace.

This complimentary webinar will examine how industry, government, and academia are now centering around a range of risks, challenges, opportunities and best practices garnered from the experiences of the pandemic work experiment. The webinar will also discuss current work studies, best practices, and considerations for leaders to critically think about the future of work. Win-win is an option, and in a time where quiet quitting and the Great Resignation are headwinds, leaders must be well informed and purposeful in their workplace design moving forward.

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