Mission Statement & Vision

Graduate School USA | Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement & Vision


Graduate School USA is the trusted partner for enhancing workforce performance, advancing careers, and enabling organizations to achieve missions.


Graduate School USA will be recognized as a leader in professional development, empowering adult learners with the tools they need to achieve their personal and professional career goals. Our innovative approaches and expertise will inspire individuals and organizations to reach new levels of success through programs designed to provoke thinking that produces new ways to enhance their skill sets and to solve workplace issues. The School’s tailored solutions will transcend physical borders, providing anytime, anywhere learning access.

Institutional Goals

  1. Develop and deliver relevant and high-quality professional development programs and courses that prepare learners for lifelong professional and personal success, particularly in government-related careers; and cultivate leadership potential in government and other related organizations that serve Washington, DC, the nation and the world.
  2. Continually innovate to enhance the quality of the learning experience, offer varied learning experiences and a diversity of learning approaches to meet the needs of adult learners.
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to the public good and contribute to strengthening our community through service.
  4. Provide and sustain a culture of exceptional customer service that meets the educational and business needs of those we serve.
  5. Ensure a sound fiscal environment and make strategic investments for a strong future.
  6. Attract, develop and retain highly qualified, diverse faculty and staff who are committed to our mission, who create a learning environment which is supportive, challenging and rigorous, and who value service to others.