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Certificates of Accomplishment in Leadership, Supervision, and Management

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Certificates of Accomplishment in Leadership, Supervision, and Management

Given the challenges facing government today—increased accountability, changing laws and regulations, tighter budgets—the demand for skilled leaders is greater than ever before. Graduate School USA’s Certificates of Accomplishment in Leadership, Supervision and Management provide the education and foundation to develop individuals who are critical to the successful operation of the public sector.

Individual certificate programs are offered at three levels:

  • Team Leader Certificate Program
  • Supervisor Certificate Program
  • Manager Certificate Program

The Leadership, Supervision, and Management certificate programs comply with OPM requirements listed in CFR Title 5, Subchapter B, Part 410 Training and part 412 Supervisory, Management and Executive Development.

Participants have up to two years to complete any one of the three program certificates.

You may apply for these programs online. For more information about these or other certificates, please contact the certificate advisor at (202) 314-3314 or certificates@graduateschool.edu.

Special accommodations may be requested online by requesting ADA Accommodations. All requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the class start date to be fulfilled.

Team Leader Certificate Program

The Team Leader Certificate Program helps individuals develop the necessary skills to lead and manage effective teams. Participants are prepared to leverage the power of teams to provide solutions to problems, drive innovation, and enhance organizational capabilities. The program will address necessary skills for meeting the special challenges of leading teams in the public sector.

Required Courses

Elective Courses (Select 2)

Supervisor Certificate Program

Focusing on key supervisory competencies of communication and developing others, the Supervisor Certificate Program prepares participants to lead successfully and inspire those they supervise. The curriculum addresses such skills as delegation, motivation, coaching, and mentoring—all associated with managing the performance of others.

Required Courses (Select 6)

Elective Courses (Select 2)

Manager Certificate Program

Effective government managers are responsible for creating and maintaining an environment that ensures agency success. Through this curriculum, participants learn to create a framework for enabling change and organizational dynamics, exploring such critical issues as setting and implementing management controls; aligning human capital efforts; and being attuned to political dynamics.

Required Courses (Select 5)

Elective Courses (Select 2)

* This course is for those who have been managing for 3 years or less or: If you have been a manager for more than 3 years and have previously attended Graduate School USA’s Introduction to Management, please submit an essay to the Certificate Course Manager documenting your management experience and expertise.