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Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management

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Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management

Graduate School USA offers a competency-based Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management (MCFFM). Courses in this program align with the competencies that practitioners at all levels of the federal government must demonstrate to excel professionally. They are developed and taught by practicing financial management professionals and are offered nationwide. You must complete the certificate within three years of finishing the first course in the program.

As you progress through the MCFFM program, you become a more valuable member of your financial management team. In addition to developing solid financial management skills, participants are also better able to handle developmental assignments; demonstrate a personal commitment to self-improvement; and make the transition to higher-level positions.

Most of the program courses are aligned with DoD financial management competencies. See DoD Financial Management Certification Training.

The ten required courses in the MCFFM program are divided into two groups: Foundation and Subject-Specific. We recommend completing all of the foundation courses prior to registering for the remaining courses.

Click here to view our Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management virtual instructor-led classes.

Foundation Courses

Course Title Course Code CPE
Federal Appropriations Law FINC7100D 32 CPE
Introduction to Federal Accounting ACCT7001D 32 CPE
Introduction to Federal Budgeting BUDG7001D 24 CPE
Introduction to Financial Management FINC7000D 24 CPE
Congressional Budget Process BUDG8175D 16 CPE

Subject Specific Courses

Course Title Course Code CPE
Budget Formulation BUDG7101D 24 CPE
Budget Execution BUDG7100D 24 CPE
Management's and Auditor's Roles in Assessing Internal Control AUDT8003G 16 CPE
Decision Support Analytics FINC8120D 24 CPE
Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution (PPBE)
Planning, Budgeting and Performance Measurement
24 CPE
24 CPE

Click here to apply for admittance to the Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management. For more information about this or other certificates, please contact the certificate advisor at (202) 314-3314 or certificates@graduateschool.edu.

Special accommodations may be requested online by requesting ADA Accommodations. All requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the class start date to be fulfilled.

Optional Colorado State University Online MBA

While enrolled in Graduate School USA’s MCFFM program you may decide to pursue the Colorado State University Online MBA program, but there is no obligation to do so. As part of an articulation agreement between Graduate School USA and Colorado State University (CSU), participants who successfully complete the MCFFM program are eligible to receive 12 academic credit hours toward the 42 credits required for the CSU Online MBA degree with an emphasis in Federal Financial Management. To receive the 12 academic credits, participants must earn a “B” or better in each of the ten courses required for successful completion of the MCFFM certificate.

How to Earn 12 Academic Credits toward the CSU Online MBA with an Emphasis in Federal Financial Management:

  1. Apply for admittance to the CSU MBA program by visiting the Colorado State University College of Business website at biz.colostate.edu/academics/graduate-programs/mba/online-mba/ or by calling (800) 491-4622.
  2. Call Graduate School USA at (202) 314-3406 after completing each course in the MCFFM program to request the test.
  3. Earn a “B” or better in each of the 10 course tests.
  4. Complete the remaining requirements for the CSU Online MBA.