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How to Successfully Navigate Change in 2019

By Natalya Bah

Have you made a new year’s resolution? Have you thought of it in terms of what you are going to change? Change is an inevitable aspect of life but not always a pleasant one, whether we're in charge of the change or having someone else impose it on us. As we embark on a new year, can you anticipate changes that you might face at work? What could you do now to be best positioned to accept, adapt and lead others through change? Now is a good time to consider preparing for the changes ahead.

So, how do we prepare for change — especially in an unstable environment? One way is to consider past change experiences — how we felt and reacted at the beginning, middle and end of it. We may have naturally resisted change at first, but in the end found that it was beneficial to us. Through this reflection, we can step back and consider what we can do differently in the future. And, remember if you are tasked with leading others through change, your own reactions can greatly affect those around you. What lessons-learned for how to better handle change in the future can you develop?

To help yourself successfully navigate change, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is an example of a past change that I have experienced?
  2. How did I feel when I first learned about that change?
  3. How did I react while the change was occurring?
  4. If I could do it again, would I change how I reacted to this change event?
  5. Was there anyone who handled that change really well? How?
  6. What lessons can I take from this experience to manage change better in the future?

After some healthy, in-depth self-examination, hopefully you'll feel better prepared to face what 2018 may bring!

Natalya H. Bah has been a part-time instructor at Graduate School USA for the last eight years. She serves as an Action Learning Coach and Instructor for the Emerging Leaders Program and the Executive Potential Program. In addition, Ms. Bah has created Change Management workshops aimed at employees and leaders facing a changing environment. She also teaches the Project Management curriculum for the school and has been involved with the creation and editing of both in-class and online learning in that subject.

Ms. Bah has provided self-assessments and dynamic team building sessions for non-profit and federal groups on behalf of Graduate School USA. Outside of her Graduate School USA work, Ms. Bah is a business owner, providing executive coaching, training and consulting services to the public and private sectors. She created the Define and Achieve Your Goals ProcessTM and is a certified Birkman Method© Consultant.