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Certificate of Accomplishment in Economics

The Certificate of Accomplishment in Economics program is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge of economic principles and policies. This certificate helps students obtain entry-level employment in trade careers, but will supplement business degrees for more advanced opportunities. Topics addressed include microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance principles, and financial management.

This program is intended for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and work in the field of trade, economics, or business.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the basic theories and methods underlying empirical economics and the estimation and application of the general linear model.
  • Describe economic concepts such as supply and demand; welfare and surplus; markets and market failures; and the roles of consumers, producers, and other economic agents.
  • Utilize econometric models to simulate, forecast, and analyze economic policies.
  • Articulate the basic concepts of U.S. trade law and its development, including the economic, political, and legal foundations of trade policies and their interaction with international commitments.
  • Recall an overview of the Congressional budget process, including the budget resolution, reconciliation, and authorization and appropriations bills.
  • Utilize EViews (Econometric Views), a statistical package used for time-series oriented econometric analysis.

You may apply for this program online. For more information about this or other certificates, please contact the certificate advisor at (202) 314-3314 or certificates@graduateschool.edu.

Special accommodations may be requested online by requesting ADA Accommodations. All requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the class start date to be fulfilled.

Required Courses: (complete 8 courses)

Course Title Course Code Units Tuition
Principles of Economics I: Macroeconomics ECON1310E 3 credits $ 415.00
Principles of Economics II: Microeconomics ECON1311E 3 credits $ 415.00
Economics of Corporate Finance ECON2203E 2 credits $ 415.00
Econometrics I ECON5545E 3 credits $ 415.00
Econometrics II ECON5546E 2 credits $ 415.00
International Trade Policy ECON5500E 2 credits $ 415.00
Mathematics for Economists I MATH4475E 2 credits $ 385.00
Mathematics for Economists II MATH4476E 2 credits $ 385.00

Elective Courses: (complete 4 courses)

Course Title Course Code Units Tuition
International Politics PUAP9011E 3 CEU $ 465.00
Sustainable Development PUAP8281E 3.0 CEU $ 385.00
European Economics ECON7126E 3.0 CEU $ 415.00
The Congressional Budget Process PUAP8307E 3.0 CEU $ 385.00