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Auditing Curriculum

Government Audit Training Institute (GATI)

Auditing courses at Graduate School USA are offered under the auspices of our Government Audit Training Institute (GATI), recognized as the premier provider of training in performance auditing. Since 1978, GATI has provided classes to meet the continuing professional education requirements of the diverse audit community.

GATI emphasizes training for performance auditing, including operational and internal auditing. Courses examine the traditional issues of economy, efficiency, performance measurement, effectiveness, internal control and fraud. They also address all aspects of performance auditing, from courses providing an overview of the process to those concentrating on specific types of audits and methodologies—such as sampling, audit skills and report writing.

The GAO Guidance on GAGAS Requirements for Continuing Professional Education says..."The term "auditor" used throughout GAGAS...includes individuals who may be titled auditor, analyst, evaluator, inspector, or may have a similar position". So the terms Audit or Auditor used in GATI course listings apply generically to all position titles engaged in audit, evaluation and similar work.

All Graduate School, courses labeled as AUDT within the Government Audit Training Institute qualify for the GAGAS defined 24 Government Auditing CPE requirement (as well as the remaining 56 CPE of the 80 total required in a two year period).

Link to GAGAS PDF (Yellow Book)

Many of the other Graduate School courses listed with ACCT, FINC, BUDG, ACQI, PGMT, COMM, WRIT labels also qualify for GAGAS eligible CPE.

All GATI courses are based on the Government Auditing Standards issued by the Government Accountability Office.

Green Book Updates

The Comptroller General issued revised Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government in September 2014. Selected courses (below) in the Auditing curriculum have been updated to reflect these revisions, and as of March 30, 2015, all sessions of those courses include the new materials.

Auditing Courses


Planning and Conducting Audits

Writing Audit Reports

Communicating Effectively

Supervising and Managing Audits

Auditing Tools


Auditing and Contracts

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Information Systems Auditing

Management and Audit Responsibilities

Program Evaluation/Financial Management

One-Day Executive Seminars