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NEW One-Day Executive Seminars!

Graduate School USA (GSUSA) continues to evolve our training to align with the current and ever-changing federal environment. In FY 2018, we are introducing one-day Executive Seminars that provide government auditors and decision makers with survey application training on contemporary topics including:

Selecting and Planning Audits for Return on Investment: Selecting performance audits to conduct is like building a successful investment portfolio. Developing meaningful objectives helps ensure each audit efficiently and effectively achieves meaningful results. Together, the right audits with the right objectives provide a return on investment that is highly valued, relevant and meaningful to the stakeholders it serves. This seminar explores techniques and factors in selecting and planning audits based upon measureable factors of risk, materiality, public interest and public benefit as valued by its many stakeholders. This seminar will help you identify stakeholder interest and needs, future opportunities and external threats, apply a cost benefit approach using measures of outcome value to score proposals, and formulate compelling audit objectives that directs what an audit is to accomplish, and seek root cause findings leading to meaningful specific future oriented recommendations.

The Emotionally Intelligent Auditor: A Guide to Achieving Power With People: Managing positive and productive relationships during the course of audit work, dealing with auditees, action officials, stakeholders and even audit team or other managers are often emotionally challenging and confrontational components of our jobs. We often have to deal with people in difficult situations– and they have to deal with us! This seminar will examine the art and skill of emotional intelligence necessary to better connect with, lead and influence people, defusing conflict and building positive, cooperative relationships for constructive problem solving and inspired action. This seminar will explore differences in personality types which cause misunderstandings, how to identify and manage your own hot buttons, and how to manage difficult personality types or potentially contentions situations for positive outcomes.

The Art of Testifying: This is a practical and essential seminar for auditors, investigators and managers to prepare them to successfully and confidently present or interpret evidence as an expert witness, in court or in administrative hearings, in support of the government’s case, responding to prosecution and defense cross examination, or testifying before a legislative committee, hearing or review board. Testifying can be a very intimidating experience where a clear message and confident demeanor, while adhering to court procedures and rules of evidence a working knowledge of the witness’s rights and responsibilities are necessary for credible testimony and help ensure an effective outcome. This seminar is designed as a follow-on to Making Your Case to Prosecute Fraud, or as a stand-alone course to prepare auditors, investigators and others to testify with confidence and poise.

Enterprise Risk Management: This seminar is designed for executives responsible for mission and mission support activities, as well as auditors who need to understand the application and role of risk management in sustaining organizational performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. The seminar topics are based on the award-winning and best-selling textbook, “Enterprise Risk Management: A Guide for Government Professionals,” which is included with the seminar. The book covers topics such as, The Importance and Need for ERM; Leadership Accountability for Managing Risk; Managing Risk Culture; Using ERM to Inform Strategic Goals; Mapping Risks to Strategic Goals; Risk Maturity and Organizational Performance; Standards for Effective ERM; OMB Circular A-50 and Audit Follow Up Risk; Risk Information and Communication; and Executive ERM Implementation Plan.

Data Analytics: Application Tools and Techniques: This seminar is a condensed, quick paced overview on the principles, tools, techniques and applications of data analytics within a contemporary audit environment. Large amounts of electronic data present an enormous challenge and opportunity to identify trends, correlations, levels of compliance, activity, risks, possible fraud, errors, and otherwise hidden causes and effects in financial, performance and operational activity. This seminar will demonstrate the application of software and a case study to demonstrate the power of available tools to extract, sort and identify specific information for from databases and the cloud. This seminar will also explore approaches to using data to identify risks and outliers, monitor activity and display and chart results for reporting and presentation, as well as current industry data trends and threats.

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Forensic Auditing: This over-view survey course in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination is tailored specifically for auditors, investigators or analysts, and those managing forensic audits. The course will enable participants to define fraud, identify fraud indicators, and use basic forensic accounting and fraud examination techniques to satisfy the elements of the applicable criminal/civil statues commonly used to fight fraud. Participants will also hear about common fraud schemes and how they are detected or investigated. Students will be introduced to analysis techniques, sources of information, and recent case studies. Participants will apply the different analysis techniques as part of an ongoing case-study.