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The federal landscape is constantly changing and evolving. As government’s training partner for nearly a century, Graduate School USA is committed to supporting those in public service with resources that help you grow and advance.

Not only do our instructors bring a real-world perspective, but they are experts in their craft with a distinguished track record of success. Their blog posts are another way that GSUSA provides you with useful information that can help you achieve career and mission success!

See our 2019 blog catalog below, and click on each title to read in its entirety:

Power Steps: Leadership Mind Power
Leadership requires more than acquisition of cognitive knowledge and the application of practical methods and procedures to lead. It requires one to identify and use the power of their mind. But, what are the steps to activate that power?

A leader must first learn how the mind works. Every leader has imbedded in their mind a force that will allow them to achieve the goals and objectives they set. Discover the four steps to unlock the power of your mind and bring greater awareness — and ultimately — greater leadership.

The Acquisition Professional as Consultant: Providing Additional Value to Your Agency
How best can acquisition professionals meaningfully contribute to the success of their agencies’ short-term and long-term goals?

You can serve as internal consultants, working collaboratively with agency staff to identify and solve its business needs. Graduate School USA outlines five ways that business competencies directly support an acquisition professional’s ability to serve as an internal consultant.

How To Successfully Navigate Change
Change is an inevitable aspect of life but not always a pleasant one, whether we're in charge of the change or having someone else impose it on us. As we embark on a new year, can you anticipate changes that you might face at work? What could you do now to be best positioned to accept, adapt and lead others through change? The federal landscape is changing and there’s no way around it. But, how do you continue to focus on mission success in the midst of these changes? Graduate School USA has some tips that you can use immediately.

Federal Finance: Addressing Anti-deficiency Act Violations
The 2017 Antideficiency Reports are now a matter of public record!

They contain page after page of reports — to the President of the United States, Speaker of the House, and President of the Senate — detailing the inability (or unwillingness) of federal agencies to follow law, rule, and regulation. The continuing question regarding Antideficiency Act violations is: Why? Why? Why?

Addressing Federal Employee Relations
Employee relations issues are among the most challenging that supervisors face.

Discipline allows you to maintain an effective and efficient workplace, keep up the morale of employees who obey the rules, and preserve workplace fairness. Although performance and conduct can be related, it is important to recognize the differences in the way the two are handled.

Using Knowledge Management Tools to Achieve Organizational Objectives
How does your organization manage its internal knowledge?

One of the most striking things that you may find is the sheer depth and breadth of knowledge activities and products that may already exist or are planned within your organization. There are six knowledge categories that can help your organization achieve its objectives.