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Graduate School USA’s International Institute was created in 1961 with the support of U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Our mission is to facilitate international cooperation and understanding through the exchange of knowledge. In support of this mission, the Institute delivers customized educational services and performance solutions to U.S.-based agencies with global missions; international organizations; the private sector; and NGOs and governmental institutions worldwide through:

Professional Study Programs and International Exchanges

The International Institute designs and administers exchange programs that provide opportunities for participants to interact and share best practices with their counterparts. Our programs include training orientations, meetings, workshops, seminars, and observational study in the field. Our goal is to offer participants the opportunity to interact and share best practices with their counterparts.

Capacity Building

With experience working with more than 100 countries, access to hundreds of learning programs and courses, and a multilingual staff, the International Institute has the ability to quickly develop customized programs to build the capacity of individuals and institutions.


In partnership with governments and institutions, the International Institute works to build institutional capacity so governments are responsive, transparent, and accountable to their citizens.

Other services include:

  • Webinars
  • Conference Support Services
  • Consultant Services
  • Curriculum Development
  • Distance-Enabled Learning
  • Needs Assessments
  • Organizational Development
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Training Delivery in Foreign Language
  • Customized Foreign Language Instruction
Professional Study Programs and Educational Exchanges

The International Institute designs and administers exchange programs for U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, international and non-governmental organizations, and groups. Programs may include orientations, meetings, workshops, seminars, and observational study in the field. Our goal is to offer participants the opportunity to interact and share best practices with their counterparts.

International Visitor Leadership Program, 2003 - Ongoing
The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) promotes mutual understanding through carefully designed visits to the U.S for international visitors that address their professional interests and expand their range of contacts. Since its launch in the 1940s, the IVLP has provided leaders from all over the world the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas in their professional fields and to build lasting relationships with those they meet. The program, which invites over 4,000 distinguished visitors to the U.S. every year, is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. The International Institute administers the International Visitor Leadership Program as one of seven Washington, DC-based national program agencies designated by the U.S. Department of State. We design short-term visits for current and future leaders from around the world to exchange ideas and share best practices with their U.S. counterparts in numerous fields.

Once the visitors complete their program, we encourage them to register and join the State alumni website and the Exchanges Connect website. These resources help them connect with fellow alumni around the world and Americans around the country.

For more about the International Visitor Leadership Program, please visit the State Department's IVLP website.

Indonesia, World Bank Spirit Program, 2014 – ongoing
Graduate School USA’s International Institute has hosted two delegations of government officials from Indonesia for programs on the Factor Evaluation System and Civil Service Retirement Restructuring. The programs were designed to help the delegates learn about the US systems to inform changes to their own systems. The Graduate School collaborated with World Bank staff to design and implement the programs. The Graduate School was responsible for arranging the details of the training programs which included classroom instruction, guest speakers and visits to federal agencies and other organizations. The programs were funded by World Bank’s SPIRIT Program and the Government of Indonesia.

Vietnam, "Leadership Skills for Effective Governance," 2014
Graduate School USA’s International Institute hosted an 18-member delegation of provincial leaders from Vietnam for a weeklong program titled “Leadership Skills for Effective Governance.” The program took place in Washington, DC and New York City. The School was responsible for arranging all details of the training program which included classroom instruction and meetings with city and federal agencies as well as the staff of several Committees of the US House of Representatives. The delegation had four days of classroom training focused on maximizing the performance of employees through trust, managing conflict, leading change, and organizational renewal and strategic leadership. The program was funded by the Government of Vietnam.

Japan, "Promoting Women’s Leadership and Diversity in Science and Energy" – Women’s Symposium, Japan 2014
Two Graduate School USA instructors conducted sessions at the Promoting Women’s Leadership and Diversity in Science and Energy symposium held in Tokyo, Japan from September 30 to October 1, 2014. The Symposium provided an opportunity for U.S. and Japanese women in leadership positions to compare and contrast diversity policies and share experiences on leading change to build diverse workforces. "Leadership Essentials," "Achieving Greater Workplace Diversity," and "Critical Thinking in Establishing Diversity through Human Capital Management Competency Assessments" were presented by Graduate School instructors. U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy was the keynote speaker and mentioned Graduate School USA in her remarks. Symposium attendees included government officials, private sector, and NGOs, as well as U.S. Embassy, GRIPS, and GSJ.

Global Ties US Project, 2012 - ongoing
The International Institute and GS Connect Team have collaborated to develop courses and webinars for Global Ties U.S. Global Ties U.S. is a network of over 100 nonprofit organizations across 44 states and 13 countries that connect leaders in U.S. communities with leaders from around the world.

Chinese Study Tours, 2006 - Ongoing The International Institute works directly with clients located throughout China in designing, implementing, and evaluating professional study tour programs to the United States to share best practices with their American counterparts. The International Institute also partners with U.S. and Chinese institutions in developing exchange and capacity building programs.

Egypt, Egypt: Forward Initiative As a subcontractor to the International Executive Service Corps (IESC), Graduate School USA was awarded a contract by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) to organize two site visits as part of Egypt: Forward. The forum brought together nearly 50 leading Egyptian policy makers and private sector executives for a two-day forum in Washington, DC. Egypt: Forward provided an unprecedented opportunity to encourage increased trade and commercial ties between the United States and Egypt. Following the forum, Egyptian delegates divided into groups to conduct four simultaneous site visits focused on the energy, ICT, transportation, and agribusiness sectors. Graduate School USA organized the energy and transportation site visits to Houston and New York City, respectively.

Taiwan Leadership Program
The International Institute hosted senior officials from Taiwan for intensive training programs on “Leadership in a Democratic Society.” Delegates spent time with congressional leaders, think tanks, NGOs, and several U.S. government agencies, with the goal of sharing best practices. The delegates also received training in executive leadership, strategic planning, and communication.

Capacity Building

With experience working with more than 100 countries, access to hundreds of learning programs and courses, and a multilingual staff, the International Institute has the ability to quickly develop customized programs that build the capacity of individuals and institutions.

U. S. Agency for International Development, 2000 - Ongoing
Since 2000, the Institute has worked closely with USAID to develop and deliver training programs for USAID personnel. Using the School’s extensive curriculum, training programs have been customized and delivered for more than 2,000 USAID employees. Examples of customized courses include: USAID Financial and Audit Management, Audit Reporting, and Detection of Fraud.

U. S. Department of Defense, 1990 - Ongoing
Utilizing the extensive curriculum offerings of Graduate School USA, the International Institute develops and delivers training programs to U.S. Department of Defense institutions across the globe, including in Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Guam, and the United Kingdom.

Kazakhstan Business Connections Program, 2011- 2013
As a subcontractor to the International Executive Service Corps (IESC), Graduate School USA was part of the USAID-funded Kazakhstan Business Connections Program. The goal of the program was to build the capacity and competitiveness of Kazakhstani small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through their modernization and expansion. Graduate School USA provided an expert Information Technology technician to update and expand the existing Entrepreneurship Development Fund Web portal, sponsored by the Government of Kazakhstan. Additionally, the School provided an expert training designer to develop online content for the portal.

South Sudan Diplomatic Training Program, 2011 - 2013
As a subcontractor to the International Executive Service Corps (IESC), Graduate School USA was part of the State Department-funded Diplomatic Training program in South Sudan. The program consisted of two components: 1) Diplomatic Training Courses; and 2) Training the Trainers. Graduate School USA contributed to both components of the program. For Component 1, the School advised Diplomatic Training Experts on course development and delivery; produced taped lectures using its state-of-the-art recording facilities; and created a distance learning CD for each diplomatic training course. For Component 2, Graduate School USA conducted a Training the Trainers session on course development and delivery with diplomatic trainers from the Government of South Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Organization of American States, 2006 - 2012
The International Institute provided services in support of the Organization of American States mission of democracy for peace, security, and development. These services included needs assessments, training programs, consulting services, and professional presentations.


In partnership with governments and institutions, Graduate School USA works to build institutional capacity so governments are responsive, transparent, and accountable to their citizens. The International Institute has developed partnerships with institutions worldwide to develop educational products and services for central, regional, and local governments. The International Institute works with local institutions in conducting needs assessments; developing curriculum, and delivering training programs; educational exchanges; and distance learning programs; and assessing programs.

Island Training Program, 1991 – Ongoing
This U.S. Department of Interior-funded project provides customized, results-oriented professional and organizational development services that enable the U.S.-affiliated insular governments in the Pacific and Caribbean to strengthen financial and program performance and accountability, achieve fiscal stability, and promote economic growth. The Pacific and Virgin Islands Training Initiative's strategic goals are to: (1) Improve leadership and management capacity to effectively perform; (2) Improve financial management systems and practices; (3) Increase effectiveness and program results; (4) Institutionalize regional professional organizations and communities of practice; and (5) Improve the capacity and capabilities of the public sector work force in critical positions and functions. To learn more about the Island Training Program, please visit www.pitiviti.org.

Indefinite Quantity Contracts and GSA Contracts & Certifications

GSA Schedules
Graduate School USA is approved under categories 874.1 and 874.4 of the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule 874, Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). Our contract is GS-10F-0228P.

U. S. Trade and Development Agency, 2011 - 2016
Graduate School USA partnered with the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) as a subcontractor on an Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) issued by the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). Under the IQC, Graduate School USA and IESC will be eligible to bid on Request for Proposals to conduct reverse trade missions, conferences and workshops, training, and outreach activities, and provide supporting technical assistance and documentation for developing and middle-income countries. The contract covers a five-year period.

Strengthening Deliberative Bodies, 2011 – 2016
As part of the Tetra Tech ARD-led consortium, Graduate School USA is a subcontractor on the USAID Strengthening Deliberative Bodies (SBD) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC). The SBD IQC supports USAID missions and bureaus with technical expertise and program management services for assisting national legislatures, sub-national deliberative bodies, and legislative communities of civil society, private sector, and political organizations. For more information about Tetra Tech ARD, please visit their website.

Millennium Challenge Corporation 2008 - 2013
As part of the Booz Allen Hamilton team, the International Institute provides capacity-building needs assessments, training and development, and related short-term support services to the MCC, Governments of Foreign Countries, Accountable Entities, and other related entities in response to task assignments issued pursuant to an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract.



The International Institute collaborates with organizations worldwide to address pressing development issues. Partners may include educational institutions, NGOs, governments, or corporations.

Organizations interested in collaborating with us are encouraged to contact the International Institute to learn more about partnership opportunities. Current partners include:

  • AGOA Training Center Africa
  • America – China International Group
  • Association of Pacific Islands Public Auditors
  • Canadian International Development Agency
  • Global Ties U.S.
  • Hanoi TC Overseas Study
  • International Executive Service Corps
  • Insular Government Finance Officers' Association
  • Management Institute for National Development – Jamaica
  • Organization of American States
  • U.S. Agency for International Development
  • U.S. – China Business & Culture Exchange
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of State
  • U.S. Department of Interior
  • U.S. Trade & Development Agency
  • World Bank


The International Institute is a proud member of the following associations:

  • Society for Training and Development
  • Global Ties U.S.
  • International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management
  • Society for International Development
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For more information regarding our programs, please contact Graduate School USA’s International Institute.

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Instructors or consultants interested in working with the International Institute should see our Instructor and Consultant/SME Opportunities page.