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New Year – New Beginnings!

In January, we will celebrate our Evening and Weekend Programs Certificate of Accomplishment recipients of the past several years. After this event, we will recognize new Evening and Weekend Programs Certificates of Accomplishment completers at classroom ceremonies during the last class meeting of their final course.

The journey to completion of an Evening and Weekend Program Certificate of Accomplishment is not easy. Family support for baby siting, balancing school-work-home life, and financial sacrifice of self-sponsorship are all issues that make the path become a journey. If you accepted the challenge, you have stayed the course through these and other unexpected occurrences. You have a lot to be proud of so “We SALUTE you”.

We promise to remain your strength and resource as you move forward. When reflecting on your success, don’t forget what it took to get there and your Graduate School USA Evening and Weekend Programs.

Stay tuned as Evening and Weekend Programs is changing to support you in your future endeavors as a continuing partner in your growth and professional development. We will be announcing new courses and new opportunities in 2019.

With the Graduate School USA Evening and Weekend Programs behind you, may 2019 be your best year yet!!

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Evening and Weekend Programs Reserved Rights
We make every effort to ensure that each class is offered as advertised. However, we reserve the right to make changes to any of the products or programs described on our web site or in our published catalogs/brochures without notice or liability. The changes could include modifying course content and materials for continuous course improvement and/or academic obligation; changing tuition prices, registration terms and conditions; canceling a class due to unforeseen circumstances or low enrollment; and making reasonable changes to class start and end dates, timetables and locations. The Evening & Weekend Program endeavors to give enrollees as much advance notice as possible of any change to their enrollment. If we must cancel a class or change the class dates or locations, enrolled participants will be informed immediately. In the event of changes made to our products or programs, the Evening Program’s sole liability is limited to the refunding of any tuition or fees paid for any cancelled or rescheduled classes, and the Evening Program is not responsible for any enrollee's incidental or consequential loss.