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Reach Higher with Graduate School USA!

Graduate School USA (GSUSA) continues to evolve to meet the changing demands of our technologically savvy students. That’s why we are pleased to introduce our new student information system, "Higher Reach", a more efficient and effective way for you to manage your GSUSA training and professional development program.

Higher Reach allows students and agencies to take control of managing their training, including enabling you to track your courses and the next logical course progression; allowing them to keep up with their path to certificate completion; making it possible for them to communicate with their instructors; and more.

Higher Reach Benefits

  • User Friendly Technology: Student-centric online registration with familiar shopping cart features and online guides help students find what they need by answering commonly asked questions.
  • Enhanced Communication: Students, faculty, and staff stay connected through an integrated information center that deepens the student’s relationship.
  • Accelerated registration: Students enjoy fast and easy online registration using an innovative transaction platform, featuring an online shopping cart tool. Seamlessly manage memberships and purchases for others connecting relationships and relevant information. Allow managers to perform multi registrations.
  • Automated course and faculty scheduling. Manage a wide variety of certificate programs, classes, course catalogs, and more with greater efficiency and accuracy.

GSUSA is committed to employing the right technology, knowledge, and processes to deliver an exceptional educational experience for you — on campus and online. With Higher Reach, we are empowering you to take control of your training experience.

For more information about Higher Reach, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.