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Explore How the Federal Workforce is Handling Change with Graduate School USA.

Join Graduate School USA (GSUSA) on Wednesday, October 10, for an examination of “Recruiting and Managing the Future Federal Workforce” in the climate of the current federal landscape. GSUSA will present two sessions, “Cultivating a Culture of Workplace Civility: Implications for the Future,” presented by Ray M. Crawford, Jr., Ph.D., Chief of Staff, Office of Education Outreach, U.S. Department of Education and “Accountability Under Changing Expectations,” presented by Dr. Barbara Romzek, Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration, Professor and Former Dean, Department of Public Administration and Policy, American University.

Workforce Wednesday will also include the presentation of the 2018 W. Edwards Deming Outstanding Training Awards and several panel discussions featuring distinguished federal experts, and will be held at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Washington, DC.

Hotel Monaco
700 F St NW,
Washington, DC 20004


8:30AMWelcome Remarks
8:35 AMOpening Keynote
8:55 AMRecruiting, Hiring and Training the Future Federal Workforce
To achieve mission goals, agencies need the right workers with the right skills. That requires a human resources strategy for recruiting the next generation of workers and retaining top talent; training (and retraining) personnel to handle new requirements; and focusing on performance across the workforce, from the executive suite to entry-level workers. Our panel of federal leaders will discuss how they are positioning their teams to be successful in today's competitive talent markets.
- Mary Pletcher, Chief Human Capital Officer, Department of Agriculture
- Antonia Harris, Chief Human Capital Officer, General Services Administration
9:30AMA Session Presented by our Underwriter Graduate School USA: Cultivating a Culture of Workplace Civility: Implications for the Future
- Dr. Ray Crawford, Jr., Chief of Staff, Executive Level Outreach, Office of Federal Student Aid, US Department of Education
9:45AMNetworking Break
10:10AMReimagining Interagency Collaboration: The Fight Against the Opioid Crisis
Many of the most pressing challenges facing the nation require sustained, coordinated effort across many agencies. Combating the opioid crisis is a case in point. To meet critical objectives in this national emergency, agencies at all levels of government across the health care, law enforcement and research sectors are working together in unprecedented ways. Hear from innovators who are bridging the jurisdictional and organizational gaps to battle this nationwide epidemic.
- Jane Datta, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Human Capital Management and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, NASA
10:40AMCase Study Presentation
10:55AMA Session Presented by our Underwriter Graduate School USA: Accountability Under Changing Expectations
- Dr. Barbara Romzek, Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration and Professor and Former Dean, The School of Public Affairs, American University
11:10AMReimagining Your Agency's Employee Engagement Strategy
No organization can be fully successful if employees are not engaged in their work. The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, first distributed in 2002 as the Federal Human Capital Survey, measures the degree to which federal workers believe their own agencies provide the conditions for success. Results from the FEVS offer a roadmap for improving management practices and organizational culture. Hear from leaders of the best-managed and most-improved agencies as well as agencies that are working to improve their cultures and management practices as they discuss how to tap this vital resource to improve morale and engagement in your organization.
- Derrick Allen, Director, Office of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Management and Administration, Federal Election Commission
- Jane Datta, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Human Capital Management and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, NASA
- Ira Kitmacher, Chief Human Capital Officer, U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
11:45AMClosing Remarks__

About Fedstival

The third annual Fedstival, October 9-11, 2018, bring together the top thinkers, leaders, and innovators in government who are shifting perceptions, accelerating change, and redefining what it means to be a public servant. Join Government Executive and Nextgov for a full week of conversations, debates, workshops, live events, networking, regarding the most important topics in today’s federal landscape - from emerging technology applications to the future of the workforce and beyond! By attending Fedstival, you’ll gain a better understanding of what’s next for the federal government.

Immediately following the program, we will present the 2018 W. Edwards Deming Outstanding Training Awards. GSUSA’s annual W. Edwards Deming Outstanding Training Award recognizes government organizations that have demonstrated “transformative training excellence” and those who have pursued training and development that had a significant impact on agency performance.

2018 Deming Keynote Speaker:

Kathleen McGettigan, Chief Management Officer, U.S. Office of Personnel Management