Achieving Organization-Wide Results (LEAD7520)

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Achieving Organization-Wide Results


This course focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to strategically plan on an organization-wide level, align organizational unit goals to the strategic plan, employ effective strategies for fostering understanding of "the big picture," conduct performance reviews, and analyze progress for making necessary adjustments.

Who Should Attend?

Have you been in a formal position of authority for 5 years or more? And does your position require leading others as well as understanding the bigger strategic picture of the organization? Then this course is for you!






0.6 CEU's

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze the concepts of change from an organizational viewpoint.
  • Employ strategies that help everyone understand the “big picture.”
  • Strategically plan on an organization-wide level.
  • Align organizational unit goals to the strategic plan.
  • Apply effective approaches for conducting performance reviews.
  • Describe the importance of analyzing progress and adjusting as needed.

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Course Outline:

Introduction to Training

Module 1:

  • Strategies That Help Everyone Understand the “Big Picture”

Module 2:

  • Directing Organization-Wide Results

Module 3:

  • Organizational Unit Goals and Strategic Plans

Module 4:

  • Conducting Performance Reviews

Module 5:

  • Analyzing Progress and Making Adjustments

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