Advanced Position Classification Workshop (CLAS9200)

Advanced Position Classification Workshop

Advanced Position Classification Workshop


This workshop is a hands-on practicum in which participants (1) handle various non-routine, complex technical classification issues, (2) apply position management principles to multifaceted organization requirements, and (3) practice acting as internal HR consultants with both management and other HR practitioners as they would back on the job.

Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend? HR practitioners with significant prior experience evaluating/classifying positions under Title 5 classification procedures.

Note: Students should have, at minimum, practical job experience with situations addressed in the Graduate School USA course, Intermediate Position Classification (CLAS8300), or have taken CLAS8300 within the previous three years.




1.8 CEU's 

Class Type: 

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use classification references to complete a range of complicated classification projects
  • Classify federal positions using advanced techniques such as those used in standards with a variety of specializations, mixed grade/series, grades/factor levels that exceed the standard, expert positions and their impact on base level, and GS leader, supervisor, and managerial situations
  • Use position management techniques to build an organization from the ground up
  • Use internal consulting practices to recommend position management solutions and present them to management

Course Outline

Module 1: Classification References Review

Module 2: Advanced Techniques in Classification

Module 3: Advising Management on Position Classification and Organizational Design

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