Building Effective Organizational Relationships: A Supervisor's Rx (COMM8210)

Building Effective Organizational Relationships: A Supervisor's Rx

Building Effective Organizational Relationships: A Supervisor's Rx


While managing the organizations critical human resource and striving to meet the organizations goals are an integral part of the supervisor’s job, one of the most important abilities each supervisor needs is knowing how to build quality relationships with those that work with and for them. This two-day course will introduce supervisors to the concepts of Social Intelligence and use the SOCIAL STYLES INVENTORY as a framework for learning how to improve your effectiveness as a supervisor in building, managing and sustaining quality relationships in the workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Supervisors, team leaders and managers who want to enhance their relationships with their subordinates, superiors and peers




1.2 CEU's

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Build Awareness of Social Styles and Understand your Social Style
  • Develop an understanding of ways to use Social Style to enhance your relationships/ communications with others
  • Learn the relevance and power of the Psychological Contract that in social relationships, especially with one’s supervisor
  • Improve personal and operational relationships with subordinates, peers and superiors
  • Enhance your skill in giving and receiving feedback

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Day One :

  • The Changing Organizational Culture in America’s Workplace
    o What is Organizational Culture?
    o How do You Define the organizational culture in which you work?
    o The 7 Characteristics of Organizational Culture
  • The Changing Workplace Demographics
    o Comparative generational characteristics
    o The key to the problem with diversity
    o Two sides of diversity in America
    o What is the Rx?
  • Major Drivers that are Changing the way People Work
  • Successfully Navigating Organizational Culture
    o Ten strategies for success
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Effectiveness
    o What is it and why does it matter?
    o Self SWOT analysis


Day Two :

  • Reviewing Social Style, Self-Awareness and Personal Effectiveness
  • Navigating Relationships at Work
    o What defines a good relationship?
    o What defines your relationship?
    o The role of trust
  • Dealing with the Reality of Expectation Management
    o What is the psychological contract?
     The two types of psychological contracts
     Rules of psychological contract management
  • Basic Principles needed to Build a Collaborative Workplace
  • The Manager’s Vantage Point – Communication 3.0
  • Action Planning for Back Home Application

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