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COR Essentials


This course is designed to provide the training required for FAC-COR Level 1 certification. You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform as a newly appointed COR. Understand COR roles and responsibilities as well as fundamental contract rules and regulations. Emphasis is placed on functions where the COR plays a key role, including monitoring contractor performance, performing inspections, and contract closeout.

To reinforce learning, group and individual exercises are used along with a post-test. To earn a Certificate of Completion, participants must attend all class sessions and achieve a score of 80% across all course work and assessments including examinations, quizzes and participation in case studies. Participants who do not meet the above standard must re-enroll at their own expense.




8 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the roles, responsibilities and authorities of a COR in each phase of the acquisition process
  • Understand the key laws and regulations that govern the acquisition process
  • Use appropriate methods to monitor contractor performance
  • Understand the steps involved in contract closeout
  • Describe the standards of conduct and personal conflicts of interest

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Day one of one



  • Welcome, Introductions, and Course Overview
  • Overview of the Federal Acquisition Process
  • Key Principles
  • Key Concepts and Policies
  • Key Laws
  • Key Terms
  • The Federal Acquisition Regulations System
  • Three Phases of the Acquisition Process
  • Contracting Methods
  • Contract Types
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Who Does What
  • Key Budget, Contracting, and Program Personnel
  • The COR’s Designation and Relationship to the Contracting Officer
  • Others Involved in the Acquisition process





  • The COR's Role and Responsibilities - Pre-award Through Post-award
  • Pre-award:
  • Market Research
  • Preparing the Purchase Request
  • Solicitation, Evaluation and Award:
  • Technical Evaluation of Proposals
  • Post-award:
  • Setting Up Contract Files
  • The Kickoff Meeting
  • Monitoring Contractor Performance
  • Inspection and Acceptance
  • Processing Contractor Payment Requests
  • Documenting/Evaluating Contractor Performance
  • Modifications and Options
  • Providing Support During a Contract Dispute
  • Contract Closeout
  • Post-Test
  • Course Summary, Evaluations, and Presentation of Certificates

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