Creating a Results-Driven Culture (LEAD7320)

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Creating a Results-Driven Culture


This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the mission, vision, and goals of an organization, principles of customer relationship management, strategies for problem solving and decision making, and the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. Participants will develop the skills and knowledge required to analyze organizational goals, build strong customer relationships, make effective decisions, and optimize work processes.

Who Should Attend?

Are you an employee who is not currently in a position of leadership, but who wants to be in the future? Or have you been identified as a potential leader, and anticipate moving into a leadership position within the next 5 years? Then this course is for you!






0.6 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze the mission, vision, and goals of an organization.
  • Apply key principles in customer relationship management.
  • Analyze strategies for problem solving and decision making.
  • Compare the concepts of efficiency and the effectiveness of work.

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Course Outline:

Introduction to Training

Module 1:

  • Creating results through the mission, vision and goals

Module 2:

  • Creating results through customer relationship management

Module 3:

  • Creating results through problem solving and decision making

Module 4:

  • Creating results through efficiency and effectiveness

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