Effective Audit Resolution, Follow-up and Implementation (AUDT8034)

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Effective Audit Resolution, Follow-up and Implementation


Audit resolution, follow-up, implementation, and reporting is a responsibility shared by the audit organization, the auditee organization follow-up coordinator and action officials. This responsibility is described in a variety of laws and OMB Circulars to provide a basis for accountability of the audited entities in responding to audit recommendations, reaching resolution and implementing the agreed upon corrective actions to reduce the risk of loss, improve operational performance and financial integrity in all levels of government.

This course will explore the statutes, guidance and standards for audit recommendations, resolution, follow-up progress, monitoring and reporting. It will also define the roles and responsibilities of the audit organization and those designated to perform follow-up, implementation and congressional reporting and budget submission functions.

This course is part of the Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management.

Who Should Attend?

Auditors, analysts and managers responsible for reporting, resolving, following-up, monitoring, tracking and reporting on the progress and status of resolution and implementation of audit recommendations. Members of the organization responsible for representing the organization in the resolution process, including disputes, coordination of corrective actions and annual progress reporting and budget submission on open, closed, and unimplemented audits should also attend.




16.0 CPE's

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the importance and requirements of audit resolution and follow-up
  • Describe the authority, roles and responsibilities of managers and auditors involved with audit resolution, follow-up, monitoring and reporting
  • Develop timely, meaningful and actionable recommendations that can be agreeably resolved for appropriate action
  • Address disputed recommendations and reach an equitable resolution
  • Develop processes for achieving resolution, monitoring and reporting on the status of corrective action
  • Verify, measure and score the value of audit results

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Module 1: Statutes, Regulations and Standards

Module 2: The Resolution Process - Key Terms, Designated Roles and Responsibilities

Module 3: Developing Actionable Audit Recommendations and Corrective Action Plans

Module 4: Disputes and Effective Conflict Resolution

Module 5: Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

Module 6: Best Practices in Getting Timely Action

Module 7: Verifying Implementation, Measuring and Scoring Audit Results From Follow-up

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