Emotionally Intelligent Auditor: The Power of Influence and Situational Awareness (AUDT8911)

Emotionally Intelligent Auditor: A Guide to Achieving Power With People

Emotionally Intelligent Auditor


Managing positive and productive relationships throughout the audit, directing, coaching or working with members of the audit team, and dealing with auditees, organizational management and external stakeholders can be emotionally challenging and often confrontational. Auditors often must deal with difficult people in difficult situations - and must deal with the auditees!

This executive seminar will examine the emotionally intelligent competencies and communication skills necessary to maintain control, and better connect with people in defusing angst and in building positive, cooperative relationships for constructive problem solving and inspired action. We will explore differences in personality types that cause misunderstandings, how to manage your own hot buttons, and how to manage difficult personality types or potentially contentious situations for positive outcomes.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, leaders, auditors, analysts, evaluators and investigators.




16.0 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine and work toward achieving these key characteristics of emotional intelligence for personal effectiveness in auditing and leading change - Self awareness, Self control, Attitude and Motivation, Empathy, Social competence
  • Maintain control, power and influence by managing challenging personalities and situations
  • Build strong working and personal relationships through mutual trust and confidence to overcome the natural resistance to change and maximize the personal leadership for buy-in and action
  • Apply critical thinking skills across the elements of emotional intelligence to achieve greater influence and situational awareness

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Module 1:  What is Emotional Intelligence and the Ability to Have Power with People?

Module 2:  Why is It Important to Auditors and Leaders?

Module 3:  Gaining Self-Awareness and Awareness of Others — Difficult Personalities

Module 4:  Achieving Self-Control in Challenging Situations

Module 5:  Getting Motivated and Motivating Others

Module 6:  Expressing Empathy — Gaining Another Perspective

Module 7:  Building Social Competencies of Trust and Confidence

Module 8:  Critical Thinking and Situational Awareness

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