Federal Year-End Spending: Opportunities and Challenges

End-Of-Year Webinar

Federal Year-End Spending: Opportunities and Challenges


Year-end is quickly approaching, and you may find yourself somewhere between a rock and a hard place because you have funding for the remainder of this year. This challenge is even greater is years like this with an extended Continuing Resolution (CR). The Impoundment Control Act requires that you spend all the funding provided by Congress for this year. Yet, dire consequences await anyone who spends too much at any time, spends too late at year-end or on unallowable items. The Anti-Deficiency Act threatens potential loss of your job and possible imprisonment.

What are you to do? What can you NOT do?

Your very best defense is knowledge. You need to know what you can do, as legally and fiscally astute opportunities; and what you cannot do with federal money at year-end. Knowledge is best gained through training, your own experience, and that of experts.

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