Establishing Yourself as an Influential Leader (LEAD7440)

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Establishing Yourself as an Influential Leader


This course examines how influence can be utilized by leaders to increase the likelihood of success. This includes the importance of identifying and building relationships with others. Also, understanding and strengthening your own influence, effectively using persuasion and negotiation, and building partnerships and coalitions will be explored.

Who Should Attend?

Have you been leading others formally or informally for three years or less as a supervisor, manager, project manager or team lead? Or are you in a new role as a leader or have you been recently promoted? Then this course is for you!






0.6 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build relationships with external stakeholders, direct reports, and other internal employees.
  • Analyze the power of influence in the workplace.
  • Utilize persuasion and negotiation to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Develop approaches for forming partnerships with individuals and coalitions with groups

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Course Outline:

Introduction to Training

Module 1:

  • The Power of Building Relationships

Module 2:

  • The Power of Influence in the Workplace

Module 3:

  • Persuasion and Negotiation

Module 4:

  • Partnerships and Coalitions

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