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FAR Basics


This three-day course is intended to assist new, as well as existing acquisition personnel in gaining a working knowledge of the federal acquisition process and its Underlying core document, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The FAR is the primary regulation for use by all federal executive agencies, unless exempted, in their acquisition of supplies and services with appropriated funds. Course participants will gain a functional understanding of the FAR system and basics as well as become familiar with the structure and content of the FAR.

Learning will be accomplished via lectures, visual presentations, group discussions, instructor facilitated individual and group hands-on problem-solving exercises as well as daily ‘knowledge check’ exercises.


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Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the origins of the FAR and its layout
  • Describe its application to federal procurement
  • Identify the basic framework of the federal acquisition environment
  • Gain the ability to locate, cite, and interpret information in the FAR
  • Maintain a working copy of the FAR
  • Apply the FAR in the current federal acquisition environment

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  • Introduction to the FAR
  • FAR Subchapter A: General
  • FAR Subchapter B: Competition and Acquisition Planning
  • FAR Subchapter C: Contracting Methods and Contracts Types
  • FAR Subchapter D: Socioeconomic Programs
  • FAR Subchapter E: General Contracting Requirements
  • FAR Subchapter F: Special Categories of Contracting
  • FAR Subchapter G: Contract Management
  • FAR Volume II- Subchapter H: Clauses and Forms

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