Federal Labor Relations (Intermediate) (LABR7021)

Federal Labor Relations (Intermediate)

Federal Labor Relations (Intermediate)


Formerly titled: Labor Relations for Practitioners

Learn about the practice of labor relations in the work place. Understanding the more complex aspects of federal labor relations needed to know when advising management and effectively processing labor-management activities.

Who Should Attend?

Labor Relations practitioners, union stewards, and others with a need to understand in-depth federal labor relations. Those who attend this course should already have a basic understanding of labor-management relations and should be working in the labor relations arena.




1.8 CEU's

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Depict an overview of the history of labor relations in the federal sector
  • Understand the basic principles of federal labor relations incorporated in the Labor Management Relations Statute
  • Learn the mission and goals of the various bodies involved in overseeing and facilitating the labor relations processes in the Federal sector
  • Understand and apply the concepts of mandatory and permissive bargaining
  • Understand the concepts of negotiability
  • Explain the role of the union steward
  • Learn how to deal with union stewards
  • Understand the purpose of official time
  • Learn methods to control official time
  • Understand the grievance & ULP process

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Module 1

  • Historical Overview

Module 2

  • Legal Principles and Third Parties

Module 3

  • Representation and Meetings

Module 4

  • Scope of Bargaining

Module 5

  • Negotiations and Applying the Contract

Module 6

  • Role of the Union Steward

Module 7

  • Official Time

Module 8

  • Information Requests

Module 9

  • Grievances

Module 10

  • Unfair Labor Practices

Module 11

  • Consultation Rights

Module 12

  • Developing and Working Proposals

Appendix A

  • Statute: 5 USC 71

Appendix B

  • Information on Official Time

Appendix C

  • Negotiability

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