Federal Position Management (CLAS7012)

Federal Position Management

Federal Position Management


Discover how to use position management tools, techniques, and methods to support a high-performing organization. Obtain a solid understanding of the role of position management in succession planning.

Learn to identify and correct the following problems: fragmentation, layering, unnecessary positions, narrow supervisor-to-employee ratio, job dilution, missing career ladders, workforce/PD inconsistencies and inaccurate position descriptions.

Who Should Attend?

HR practitioners, management and program analysts, supervisors, managers and team leaders who are responsible for position management and increasing work unit efficiency.




1.2 CEU's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand position management and its historical impact on federal agency programs
  • Recognize the impact of organizational mission on position design
  • Understand how organizational structures and common patterns of assigning duties affect position design
  • Recognize the symptoms associated with common position management problems and how to resolve them
  • Identify and apply the appropriate staffing and classification tools necessary to deal with position management issues
  • Learn the various agency roles and responsibilities in the position management process

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Day One of Two

  • Introduction and course overview
  • Overview of position management
    • Defining position management
    • History of position management
  • Position management basics
  • Defining organizational mission and goals
  • Organizational design vs. position management
  • Organizational structures
  • Balancing outside forces
  • Common patterns of assigning duties
  • Effective position management planning
  • Define position management problems
    • Recognize weaknesses
    • Identify symptoms and solutions
  • Define position's purpose
  • Evaluate position structure
  • Position management tools
  • Job analysis
    • Steps in job analysis
      • Identifying job tasks
      • Identifying and defining KSAs/competencies
      • Documenting your analysis


Day Two of Two

  • Position management tools (cont'd)
  • Classification
  • Position management and classification
  • General rule
  • Mixed grade positions
  • Mixed series positions
  • Leader work
  • Putting it all together
  • Position management roles and responsibilities
  • Who plays a part?
  • Delegations of authority
  • Position management and competitive outsourcing
  • Background: competitive outsourcing
    • Most efficient organization
    • Conducting A-76 studies
      • Cost comparison
      • Streamlined cost comparison

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