Federal Staffing (STAF7102)

Federal Staffing

Federal Staffing


Learn how to select and retain the best-qualified candidates for your agency's jobs. Learn about the federal staffing process and procedures that must be followed when hiring employees. This course provides federal HR practitioners with the background and knowledge necessary to operate in the complex environment of the federal staffing process.

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  • Facilitated blogging and discussions

This course is part of the Human Resources Management Certificate Program, Level I, which can be completed entirely through distance education.

Enroll anytime in this online course. All materials supplied. Instructor-based study. Self-paced; take up to six months to complete.

Who Should Attend?

Federal HR practitioners; administrative, EEO, or employee relations staff; and anyone who needs knowledge of federal hiring requirements.




4.0 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

  • Online

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the basis for federal merit staffing
    • Describe federal staffing processes
    • Assess minimum qualifications using OPM's Qualifications Standards for GS Positions
    • Apply requirements for certifying best-qualified candidates for competitive and noncompetitive selection
    • Learn how HR practitioners assist managers and supervisors in recruiting and retaining top talent
    • Ensure that interviews are a positive extension of the staffing process
    • Apply the procedures that must be followed if a selection is to be legal
    • Identify pay-setting options for hiring successful employees

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  • Module 1
    • Receiving the Recruitment Request
  • Module 2
    • Hiring Federal Employees—Merit Staffing
  • Module 3
    • Identifying Staffing Processes
  • Module 4
    • Filling Vacancies
  • Module 5
    • Ranking Candidates
  • Module 6
    • Preparing the Certificate
  • Module 7
    • Interviewing Candidates
  • Module 8
    • Selecting Candidates
  • Module 9
    • Pay Issues for Recruitment; Salary Negotiation

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