Federal Staffing and Placement (STAF7009)

Federal Staffing and Placement

Federal Staffing and Placement


Recruit and hire the right people with the right skills for your agency's needs. Gain the background and knowledge necessary to operate in the complex Federal staffing environment. Become knowledgeable about staffing rules, regulations, and principles; appointment authorities; recruitment methods and hiring procedures; qualifications; merit promotion; and in-service placement actions. This course is part of the Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources Management.

Who Should Attend?

HR practitioners and others, such as supervisors, managers and EEO staff members, who need to use and apply current federal staffing procedures and regulations.




3.0 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the role of the HR practitioner in assisting agency managers today and in the future
  • Devise alternative solutions to recruiting challenges
  • Research and use all available resource and reference material, including legal and regulatory issuances
  • Assess minimum qualifications using the General Schedule Qualification Standards
  • Evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies
  • Apply concepts of time-in-grade and time-after-competitive appointment restrictions
  • Apply merit promotion and other in-service procedures
  • Describe concepts used in downsizing
  • Inform applicants/employees about the civil service employment system

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Day one of five


  • Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Pre-Course Survey


  • Historical Perspective
    • The Spoils System
    • Origins of the Merit System


  • Researching Legal and Regulatory Requirements
    • How Actions Become Regulations
    • Components of the Federal Regulatory System
    • The Federal Register System
    • OPM's Notice and Posting


  • Employment Policies and Practices
    • Overview
    • Merit System Principles
    • Prohibited Personnel Practices
    • Public Notice Requirements
    • Competitive vs. Excepted Service
    • Staffing authorities and procedures


Day two of five


  • Review of Day One


  • Employment Policies and Practices -- Continued
    • Delegated Examining System
    • Order of Referral in Competitive Examining
    • Compiling a Certificate of Eligibles
    • Category Rating Procedures
    • The Rule of Three (working a Certificate of Eligibles)
    • The Career Conditional Employment System
    • Service Requirement for Career Tenure
    • Completion of Probationary Period
    • Reinstatement Eligibility
    • Employment of Individual Experts and Consultants
    • Non-Permanent Employment


Day Three of Three


  • Review of Day Two


  • Merit Promotion and In-Service Placement Actions
    • Agency Promotion Programs
    • Covered Personnel Actions


  • Qualifications
    • Qualifications Glossary
    • The Qualification Standards System
    • Crediting Experience
    • Crediting Education


Day Four of Five


  • Review of Day Three


  • Qualifications -- Continued
    • Combining Education and Experience
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Time-In-Grade Restriction
    • Time-After-Competitive-Appointment Restriction


  • Job Analysis
    • Job Analysis Glossary
    • Pertinent Laws and Regulations
    • Regulatory Requirement
    • Job Analysis Steps
    • Developing KSAs


Day Five of Five


  • Review of Day Four


  • Recruiting
    • The Staffing Specialist's role in recruiting
    • College Recruitment vs. College Relations
    • Interviewing Techniques
    • Automated Recruitment Systems


  • Downsizing Approaches
    • Alternatives to Reduction in Force
    • Outplacement Assistance
    • Career Transition Assistance Program
    • Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program
    • Reduction in Force Principles
    • Displacement in RIF: Bumping and Retreating
    • Appeal rights in RIF

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