Financial Management Bootcamp for Federal Auditors (AUDT7020)

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Financial Management Bootcamp for Federal Auditors


This course provides a quick overview of the world of Federal financial management essential to the work of auditors/evaluators in conducting any types of reviews involving federal funds and resources. According to the Yellow Book, auditors should be alert to any instances of improper or illegal acts and abuse, which includes following the money from its authorization and appropriation through its explicit allowable use. Auditors have a specific role in assessing compliance with laws, regulations, and controls for the appropriate planning, use and accountability of federal resources. This course provides special alerts to auditors about potential areas of concern or mismanagement.

Who Should Attend?

All federal auditors and federal contract auditors, evaluators, and reviewers of federal budgeting and those tasked with compliance testing and analyzing agency budget justifications, allocations, spending and accountability reporting, or following the money from request to use.




8.0 CPE's

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the size/composition scope of the United Stated annual budget along with controls and compliance requirements.
  • Know the phases of Federal/Congressional Budget Cycle.
  • Describe the titles, roles and functions of federal financial management professionals.
  • Understand the lifecycle of federal financial transactions from initial commitment to eventual expenditure.
  • Know the functional connections between finance and procurement.
  • Know the sources of authority that guide and control an Agency’s financial management activities.
  • Recognize the restrictions and authorities on communication of financial information.

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Module 1: Size and Scope of the United States Annual Budget

Module 2: Description of the Budget Cycle

Module 3: Functions of the Professionals Who Work in the Budget and Finance Areas

Module 4: Lifecycle of Federal Financial Transactions from Initial Commitment to Eventual Expenditure

Module 5: Sources of Authority That Guide and Control the Activities of an Agency’s Financial Management Activities

Module 6: Communications, Interactions and Restrictions on Financial Information

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