Fundamentals of Writing (WRIT7010)

Fundamentals of Writing

Fundamentals of Writing


Enhance your success at work by learning to prepare correct, concise and organized memos, emails and other documents. Using standard grammar and usage rules, construct simple, compound and complex sentences that communicate clearly to your readers. Use transitional words, phrases and strategies to link sentences into coherent paragraphs. The Plain Writing Act of 2010 requires all federal agencies to write public documents in a clear, concise and well-organized manner.

This course is part of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Personal Property Management

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who want to improve their business writing skills.




1.8 CEU's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Organize well-constructed sentences into coherent paragraphs and documents
  • Compose clear, concise written products at work, following correct usage and grammar principles
  • Organize your business writing to clarify the purpose and ensure the reader's understanding
  • Plan each document to deliver a clear message to a specific audience

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Day 1


Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Writing

  • Taking a Pre-Assessment
  • Understanding the Seven Traits of Writing
  • Writing a Document in Four Easy Steps
  • Analyzing the Situation
  • Choosing the Best Form
  • Writing Effective E-Mail
  • Using E-Mail Etiquette
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Extra Practice

Lesson 2: Ideas

  • Developing Main Points
  • Supporting Your Main Point
  • Using Levels of Detail
  • Building Your Case
  • Answering Objections
  • Using Informative Headings
  • Summarizing
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Extra Practice


Day 2


Lesson 3: Organization

  • Reviewing Lessons 1 and 2
  • Using Three-Part Structure
  • Organizing Good-News Messages
  • Organizing Bad-News Messages
  • Organizing Persuasive Messages
  • Ordering Information in Lists
  • Using Transitions
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Extra Practice

Lesson 4: Voice and Words

  • Understanding Voice
  • Using Appropriate Formality
  • Keeping Your Voice Positive
  • Developing a You Attitude
  • Using Fresh, Precise Words
  • Getting Rid of Wordiness
  • Using Respectful Language
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Extra Practice


Day 3


Lesson 5: Sentences and Correctness

  • Reviewing Lessons 3 and 4
  • Combining Choppy Sentences
  • Energizing Your Sentences
  • Writing Tight, Parallel Sentences
  • Correcting Unclear Wording and Faulty Sentences
  • Correcting Common Errors 1
  • Correcting Common Errors 2
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Extra Practice

Lesson 6: Design

  • Designing E-Mail Messages
  • Developing an Effective Page Design
  • Making Sound Typographical Choices
  • Empowering Your Message with Graphics
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Extra Practice

Lesson 7: Applying the Fundamentals

Reviewing the Seven Traits
Using Additional References
Taking a Post-Assessment

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